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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
libby hannah g, joss r, beth m, kate g and leonie p art, drama, reading, and nature annoying boys!!!!!!!!!! losing 2 the most crazziest boy at school on a foozball table!!
Ellie Georgie Sleepover's at my friends, painting my friends nails and getting girly makeovers! Slugs, snails and my annoying little cousin! When I was at the park with some of my frineds I got a wedgie from my super tight jeans, so I unpicked my wedgie but my little sis caught it on camera and showed everyone!
ShReYa Aish all my frndzz, my books, shopping 4 myself...!! animals...n insects..!! :P d 1 tym i accidentally sat on a boy....!!!
Leah Brianna and Megan Soccer!! Math Once when i went to a party I hugged someones mom cuz I thought she was my mom then I said "can we go now??" When I looked up I was so embarrassed!
Elouera Amber and Courtney swimming, dancing, cooking and singing popular girls and carrots i don't have one yet (Thankfully)
Ashley Clarissa Fashion mags,nail polish,make overs,chocolates!! Snakes, spiders, people who boast!! When my boyfriend came to talk to me the first time!!!! (I was a total jerk)
Micha Holly and Nikita Pancakes and listening to music also drawing and swimming my sisters When i was scared to dive into a pool
Natalie Jennifer sports and writing in my journal and reading 'Summer Camp Secrets' my sisters getting told off by my parents in public
Natalie Hannah, Heidi, Melissa (: EVERYTHING :D except homework ): luuuurve acting, reading, food, sleeping, sports, dancing, singing, being bimbotic and teasing people (pranks are awesome). backbites, embarrassing moments (specially when its in front of my frenz), being disturbed and many more(cuz i am moody) when i had 2 go 4 a walk wid my frenz; i broke my scandals sole. i could have done something, but couldn't......
Naha Neeti and Ija shopping, spending time wid my dad, mom, family and friends and reading books backbites, embarrassing moments (specially when its in front of my frenz), being disturbed and many more(cuz i am moody) when i had 2 go 4 a walk wid my frenz; i broke my scandals sole. i could have done something, but couldn't......
Niki Natalie,Mariana and Natasha Doing makeovers, sleepovers, horror and funny things, painting nails and surfing on internet. Spiders, lizards, Jam and other spooky things. When my friends and I did makeovers when electricity was gone and we were looking like Lady Gaga
Rosie Coco my fave thing is swing i really love it. it is so cool. the thing i hate is bullies they make me upset.
Spriha inayat, jasleen, prabhjot, my sister my fave things are being around my friends or family. Participating in sumthin creative such as annual day.......... i hate phyics and chemistry....and of course my enimies..sum vegetables:| when in front of everyone my skirt blew up and when i fell down in public:/
Lily Yyvone Reading SCS! Oh, and watching TV. My big bro! When I was gabbling on in front of everyone and Yyvone slapped her hand over my mouth!
Ella Georgina I love eating sweets and chocolate. Doing make overs on my friends and staying up really late when I have sleepovers. I also love horse riding. Insects and my annoying brother At my 4th birthday party me and 4 of my friends got on the stage and showed our bellys, luckily I wasn't wearing a dress
Elaundra Icy and Gem I love music, art, math, reading books and swimming. Definitely. I hate people who lie and brag it's just so irritating! i actually slapped my crush on the face in front of my friends.
Carlye Charlotte Writing in my journal, watching my favourite TV programmes, talking on the phone to my friendm ballet and reading lots of books. Spiders, the quiet, insects, bullies, annoying teachers, sports lessons, French lessons and geography. When I was in my first school play and I was only 4 and when it came for me to say my line instead I said "I need a wee" and everyone burst out laughing.
Alex Amy and Georgie Shopping and having sleepovers! Feeling like a thrid wheel When I slipped over on the poolside at a swimming competition... sooo embarrassing!
Emma Isla Cats, purple, writing stories, reading, peperoni pizza, sweets and making new friends! Bullies and cheese. I daydream a lot.
furiloveu cupcake teddies and books my brother my mom singing in public