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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Krista Rebekah Shopping, make up, movies Bugs,gross food, dirt, being ill when my cute new Bo came to pick me up and while i was upstairs my dad showed an ugly pic from when i was little!! AAGGHHH!!!
Leah Megs, Immie, Cait, Beth, Hannah, Alessandra, Ellie, Jack :) I love animals and hot chocolate, as well as smiley faces, colours, football, horse riding and my pet budgie People that say horrible stuff about you without even knowing who you are When my Dad did kareoke at a football presentation night - The WORST... x
Lauren Harriet, Jess, Chloe, Lucy, Charlie, Jem, Kerenza, My ponies PONIES - Riding them, Summer camp secrets My friends, Chocolate, Xfactor SPIDERS. Insects. People telling me what to do. Bullies
Maddie Chloe and Emma Singing, dancing, spending time with my BFFs, acting, loads more! Not much, only massive spiders and really ugly boys No comment
Alia Nadine To take funny pictures and videos and to laugh together.To look at celebrities and what they wear! History and Cats at night in the middle of a party...AAAAAAHHHHHHH when we went to go get hot chocolate from the back door than when we came back from the front door we interupted the a whole singing choir!
Jan Jocelyn and Tiffany Fashion, art, design, frozen yogurt, sushi, cereal, tennis, netball, snow, air travel, singing, sit-coms cranberries, guava, homework repeating things a million times to one person in particular, when the rest of the class thinks you're a dumb for repeating it
Hinamori Jemimah, Verity, Merissa, Paola, Rachel Seah Dancing! Kick boys' ass wen they de girls! Reading! Goin online on facebook! Watching animes! Flirting! making girl enemies jealous! Predicures! Singing! Uploading cute n sassy pictures of me! Irritating boys! Lizards! Crows! annoying sister! stupid nags! making mistakes! Disappointing my frends..
Monica Tele Fashion mags, shopping, dacing, singing, my make up, cute boys, and of course: CHEER-LEADING!!!!!!!! reptiles and insects also pots on the face and ugggg!!! MATHS!! not to mention geometry... I am the head cheerleader of the DOLPHINS (GO DOLPHINS!!!!) an we formed a pyramid i was on the top and all of a sudden i just fell (ON THE FEILD!), and in front of like the cutest guy in school and my underwear was revealed!
noor leila my kitten, my dog, my life n my family oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!! and waffles pigeons, hights, roaches once i was in a restaraunt and i was heading downwards and i didnt see the last step and fell in front of a dozen of people !!!
Lauren Meadhbh, Abigail (Abbie) and Millie Horse riding, Dancing, singing, sleepovers, snowball fights, getting A's on tests and being praised Spiders, Worms, mice, rats, bullies, snakes, people being mean and when terrible singers do good and knock good people out of the X Factor When i wrote my name and a popstar and a boy i had a crush on last name after my own name and when my Mum was cleaning out my room she found it and showed my dad. Plus she knew the boy's mum. Mega embarassing
Rachael Rachael laura sarah hannah lucy c and m small town girls Horse riding swmming reading and playing with my friends MRS GARDEN and MR FAHERTY playing truth or dare
sophie Kelsie, Eve and Ffion My friends, my family, my crush, my books - Summer Camp Secrets!! Duh!! Spiders - EEEEWWWWW !! (perhaps my crush will rescue me !!! YAY !!!) When my crush found out I liked him !! OMG I'm still embaressed :/
srithi varshne joking, laughing, gosipping, giving makeovers, dancing, writing, social networking, nail polish homework!!! and flowers. when i tripped when in school
sally kareen and tamara hanging out with my besties drama! when i say something silly and everyone is suddenly staring at me
Eve Jess Sports and drama and running/athletics and reading about the Summer girls! Bullies and teacher When I was drinking Soda and I ran into my crush! I spilt it everywhere! CRINGE!!!
Freya Rochelle my boyfriend,my dog(teddy),rochelle and my family...oh and hot chocolate..mmmmm snakes, spiders, worms and insects in general!! once when I was in class in year 10 someone put a fake spider on my shoulders.......I screamed until I realised it was fake......SO embarrasing
Amy Mariah, Caitlin, Caitlain, Hannah and Jess Football, netball, cricket, reading and running! Also, making people laugh, talking and saying LOL! Science, make up, girly girls! Eeew! Missed the ball in a footy match! Lol!
Brianna Leah Dance and reading! Bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When my mom took a picture of me naked!!!!!!
Chantel Roxy, Shannon, Carly, Laura Going into town with my mates, sleepovers, sweets, computer, Coke cola School! Boring! Homework and we get such heaps now we're in yr8! Running into the cutest boy in school carrying tea! on my 1st day of high school
Shamma Afra and Reem singing, listening 2 songs, reading, learning languages, writing my little bro and sis, maths, aljebra, annoying teachers. when i was in 3 grade i farted by mistake and everyone was looking at me, i felt my face turn red