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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Courtney Tayla Reading, hanging out with my besties, making people laugh, having sleepovers, playing with my darling pet mouse Ruby Feeding my pet frogs (Flies are so gross!) Doing maths, when my siblings fight Feeding my pet frogs (Flies are so gross!) Doing maths, when my siblings fight
Daisy Ellie Ice skating Worms (HELP) when the boy i fancied asked me if i fancied him
lydia sophie, ffion, filicity and caitlin net ball,shopping dressing up pretty in front of boys and doing my nails getting up in the morning and to go to school when my secret crush found out that i love him
ellie danielle friend boyfriend make up nails literacy, maths don't want to share
Emily Iris Seeing friends and reading summercamp secrets Bullys and maths When I walked up to someone and I thought it was my mum and I started talking to her
Farah Christal, Raquel and Tatiana Reading traveling and playing video games burglars and spiders Bugs,sciece ewwww Embarrassing Moment: I just ran into the Art teacher. Detention
Freya Lucy arts and crafts burglars and spiders I dropped my knickers and a boy I had a crush on picked them up and gave them to me!
Gayle Rachel Going to camp, shopping with bffs, and cappicinos Mean gossip behind peoples backs! when I thought a stranger was my best friends and walked right up to her!
Georgia Georgia - a different one! Football and my dog! Bullies When I fell off the trampoline and landed on my head!
Kirsten jerusha, casandra, shaniah, jada, liza, crystal, krystal, rebecca, savannah, maya, marie (my cuzin an bfff), krista, analisa, aannesa, kalisa long walks on the beach, romance novels, happy tears, life, sad times, happy times, photos, yearbooks, birthday cards, red roses, the way the sun looks when it's about to set, shakespeare, newborn puppies, bow ties, ribons, friends, icecream, a baby's gurgle, me, plants, animals, life, and most important love, being in love and being loved goodbyes, restless nights, lost love, broken hearts, dead flowers, dead animals, unwanted love, hurt, pain, crisis, death and suicide
Gigi Tiffany, Sadia, Cyania, Liam, Michelle texting and hanging out with liam, swimming, shopping bugggssss when my mom came 2 pic me up from a party and she called me by my embarrassing nickname in front of the boy i like i laughed and pretended it didnt happen (he liked my sense of humor even when totally embarrassed and he is now my boyfrend, thanx mom :)
grishma nayonika watching HIMYM, shows..reading..writong in my journal..talking about boys and having awseome friends! fighting with friends when people talk about me on their way back home and my friends telling me about it
Katienne Miranda Alison listening to music and dancing to it (its in the blood!), reading, watching t.v,relaxing and school (MIGHT THINK I'M CRAZY BUT IT'S TRUE, DON'T MEET ANY FRIENDS EXCEPT SUMMER) lying to people, bullies, frogs and other slithery reptiles still don't have any
Isabel Gabriel, Matthew, Jamie, Jake Performing arts, English, history, French, German, more performing arts! Not seeing my friends (I recently moved from London to Sydney) When I was speaking in front of two and a half thousand people and the girl next to me got her foot stuck in my hem and she fell over and pulled me down as well, then I got and I couldn't remember where I was in my speech! Plus it was on television!
inika arushi spending wime with my friends with koooooooool gossips!!!! sitting still!!! when my mom scolds me in front of my friends
Jemma cat, kirsty, julia and nicole horse riding, listening 2 music, cooking, camping, theme parks and zebra print items spiders, dentist, snakes, injections, arguments and underground when i got off the horse and found out that my flies on my jodpurs where undone so i zipped them up, and then found out that i had a hole there
Joy Lu 'n' cy bekah and Becca , zhane 'N' April And Chloe x Singing x worshiping god xx Doing peoples nails and giving massages x cooking yummy food xx hanging out and laughing with my friends xx :) People being rude or mean to people specialally if there trying to be nce or make it better for another person x I hate insecure attention seekers who make fun other peoples failures x I was at the airport I was about 9 we were at the part where u collect ur luggage i was really tired and my dad walked off to make a phone call(so my mum said after) but I didn't know. I saw man who looked like him and I ran upto him and jumped on his back for a piggy back but it wasn't him ......
Rhianna Jemma horses, horse riding and jokes boys! at school me and jemma were chating and then i triped over and fell into a puddle! cringe!!!!!!
Katy Lara, Victoria, Eve, Maddie and Grace swimming spiders and mushrooms when i got choose to answer somthing in class i didn't answer cause i didn't know the answer to it
Kirsty courtney swimming spiders and mushrooms when i got choose to answer somthing in class i didn't answer cause i didn't know the answer to it