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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Isabel Rebecca Astronomy, reading, music, SI-FI Chocolate I forgot how to spell my name!
Jing Yi Wan Ning and Siew Yong Reading Summer Camp Secrets, reading The Princess Diaries, bowling, Korean stars, Korean songs, Korean dramas Arrogant people, studying I fell in front of the boy that I like!!!!!!
Katha zeenat my new purple tankini spiders none
kerry cora ipod annoying people i told my friend that i had a crush on a boy and then she told the whole school, now i have to lie loads!!(DON'T TELL ANYBODY THIS SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Brittany Hannah Playing video games, soccer, reading, writing, comic books, swimming, eating sweets, painting my nails Spiders and other creepy crawlers, eek! I've had too many to list
Emily Megan, Olivia, Sophie.B, Georgina and Angel my best friend since nursery!! my fave things are shopping, shoes, telly, hockey, earrings and hanging with my bffs!! snakes Is when my best friend went and told my crush that i liked him...
Natalie Chloe, Ylianna and Charisma Dancing and New York City! When people insult me and my friends I was at summer camp and I was swimming and I stopped for a second and I bobbed up and down and swallowed a ton of chlorine and my face was really red
summer Jordan horse riding playing the guitar and the clarinet and seeing Jordan!!!!!!!! vegetables ............
Anna Freya I love riding hores,grooming horses and just being around horses! =D clowns and bugs. Clowns scare me soo much i dont know why! Any kind of bug creeps me out! Visiting a riding stable that i dont normally go to, say i could ride well then fall off in trot because their horses respond by voice not leg!!
Annie Anna Doing thearte, singing, dancing, watching wrestling and watching chic flic movies Brussel Sprouts, drawing or sticking or anything to do with art I always feel embarassed whenever i cry or fall over because everyone stares
Laker Kitara, Jessica, Skye, Desiree Books,Drawing,Writing,Singing,Daydreaming, watching scary movies with my buds...:) Bullies, Failing, GYM CLASS :), Girly-guys, messing up... I am extremely short, and one day in my 6th hour, English, as a joke I stood up and screamed, "Wanna GO?!" To one of my friends, and my english teacher, Mr.Obsuszt (Mr. O) said," Laker, you know you won't beat her. You're too much of a mighty mouse." Then he told me to sit down. It was so funny! Even though it was not that embarrassing, My face was like a tomato! I love Mr. O! :)
ALex Katy (Caitlyn) and Mia Reading and singing! Spiders! Thinking I saw my brother, I called his name but it was a lady!
Brina Nikki My cool orange jacket Lizards When i made my team in school lose. Ick!
Lizzy Ellen, Ellen, Elise, Brydie JLS JLS JLS JLS JLS JLS JLS and SPORT Ali Taylor stealing GA in netball I was singing on the toilet for my friend but when i came out i saw my friend laughing with this strange lady and her daughter
Katie Amy Lizy Us x Jammy Duck Ali Taylor stealing GA in netball Lizzy going out with Aarn Doyle
Pipppa X Casey Z. She is my bff! popcorn parties with Casey. We wear pajamas, eat popcorn, drink grape soda, prank people, play ouija bord, and watch movies any food that isn't popcorn or grape soda, school, people that hate me or Casey, most people at my school, girly things, music, art, drama, sports, fun things i was walking Casey's dog Mark while she was on vacation, and my pants were too loose. I couldn't go back and get a belt, so I tied the leash through my belt loops. My hands were free, so I was texting Casey. This popular croud of boys from my school came with their popular girlfriends, and one of them (who i liked) had a yorkie. Casey's dog ran, pulling me also. I grabed a lamp post hoping the dog would stop but it kept running! My jeans flew off, and i was in my barney underwear!
claraiane aleadaine, allyssa(not the character in summercamp secrets) my family, my freinds, hot chocolate with marshmallows, my pet and my crush OF COURSE!!!!! LOL mostly insects especially rats and spiders and my enemies i fell on the stairs in front of the cutest guy in school.(PLEASE KEEP THIS AS A SECRET!!!!!!)
Casey Emily Food, shopping and spag bol! spiders and insects I shouted at my mum for nothing
Chloe Yazmine shopping and horse riding spiders and insects when i turend around and accidently hit my teacher in the face
Chloe Lauren, Charlotte, Emma and Simran Art, animals, camping and reading! Singing in front of people When i got caught singing in the bathroom!