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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Shauna Anna, Macky My dog Teddy & The Baes DOOFENSHMIRTZ! Farting infront of te bae :/
Aleena Sarah, Hannah, Alex Hanging out with my friend, skating Bullies When I fell in front of the whole school
Hutashani Navyaa I love dogs. I love to eat cookies and cupcakes. Baking is my sweet tooth. I hate my friends to leave me When my friend asked me about my boyfriend
Jenna Maisey to the world and back!!! My fave thing is singing, even though some people might think I am bad, lots of people think I am good. And I also love dancing!!! I also play the guitar and I have a PINK one, I love playing the guitar. I also love my dog Mack sooo much. I hate it when people lie and pretend they're your friend. I hate bullies, why dont they pick on someone their own size!!! And I !!!HATE!!! homework!!! When I did something bad (like talked about my friends behind their backs) then someone told my friends! I regret it now though!! :-|
Carlie Jessica Nail varnish and rock bands Snakes or anything that crawls When Jess flirts with guys and says it's me who likes them
Jenna Emma, Kim, Nat, Mia, Tori Art Horrors A boy trying to impress me in front of my family
Shama Afi, Josh, Josaiah and Jeremy Watching tv and probably sleep Big spiders When I fell in front of many people
Soha Taniya, Janvi and Anavi Skating and pulling tiny pranks Boys,lizards and my sisters when they're rude I was caught singing a song during math class
Imani Aiswarya and Xoan My cream hoodie and sneakers Mean girls & bullies When I fell off my bike and skinned my knees
Shruti Shikha Reading books Sports - I am not an athelete! When I got scoldings in front of everyone in my class
Emma Hello girls! (It's a group name). :) Hanging out with friends! Bullies and insects When I had a crush on a boy and he found out. Another thing is, I was at a cafe and I saw a cute boy but then I spilt my tea and burst out crying. Sooooooooooo Embarrassing!
Mia Melina Gossip, especially dating gossip, but I go completly nutzo over a fashion magazine. I have a few talents like singing, playing the guitar, ballet/hiphop (I have killer flexibility) dancing and I have a knack for playing sports (did I mention I am a straight-A student) Insects, bad grades, bullies, when a person goes OVER competitive, and when people talk behind a persons back I was singing karaoke with my boyfriend and I forgot the lines! So embarrassing but I ended up making up the words free style and I won becaue of my "creativity". How lucky was I
Rosie Esme Reading books, books, books and books!!! Best friend stealers!!! When I walked into someone else's caravan and they shouted at me
Zoe Jiya and Abby My phone and American Girl of course My brother when he is mean I was running through the hallway and my BFF walked by and said hi and I did not realize there was an empty bottle on the floor and I fell right into the principal!
Heddwen Llinos When I'm outside and it's windy I love to take a big gulp of air When I'm in a tight room with lots of people it feel's as if I'm being smothered When everyone was listening in assembly my friend suddenly jumped on me and I screamed really loudly!
Ria Charlotte, Rafaela, Alex, Emma, Gee and Zed DOCTOR WHO Bullies and being left out Emma changing the words to a song called 'Freddy my Love'. She made it into '[My Crush's Name] my Love'. So embarassing.
Nabihah Abeer Hanging out with friends People who make misconceptions about me When I tripped on an escalator in a mall in front of so many people
Lucy Sophie Singing acting and hanging with my buddies When people keep on bugging me When I was performing and said the complete wrong thing
Mavi Sky and Sara! Music, boys, books, write my own novels Shrieking IDK, I think that I have a few of them
Ellen Lauren, Molly, Emma & Emma Acting and dancing Spiders and sharp objects I wrote a really goofy story and my teacher read it to the class.