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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Ciara Ronan My BFF Spiders When I met my current boyfriend I hit him (by accident of course)
Autumn Sophia, Shannon, Navdeep and Sara Reading, drawing, singing, dancing, watching TV, shopping, making people laugh, Being a good friend, Giving good advice, make-up. Bugs/Insects, mushrooms, Corgettes ect. When i was playing hide and seek with my crush and one other person and i wet myself while i was hiding. I kind of peed in the forest so i had to rush to the loo quick. CRINGE!!
Alex Liliana i dunno yellow bug juice loosing my soccer game
selena simran melody karese giggling, dancing and talking to my crush i hate things said about me in front of my crush going in front of the whole school for being naughty and being told off!!!
tori demi performing arts football, siblings when i wet the bed at the age i am now!
Fatima Dani playing sports and hanging with my friends losing a game my embarrassing moment was whan i was at a sleep over; we were telling fun gossip and i peed myself
Courtney Keeleigh Watching soaps - corrie, emerdale and more... when all my friends argue when i get changed for p.e.
Adelyn Tifanie Ng kpop songs,hanging out with frens and of course reading summercampsecrets books!!! people who make me mad i pooped in my pants!!!
Lauren Hannah hot chocolate, bubble bath, strawberry facial, teen vogue magazine, pink pajamas a girly movie and LOADS of chocolate :) x Brussels sprouts and my brother ;) going to the loo in a posh restaurant and leaving my skirt tucked into my knickers... :O!!!!!!
Lola Rola Goofing about with my friends. Acting crazzzzy! Reading books. Making people laugh, DUH! Acting like a jerk in front of my friends. Being all quiet and keeping to myself. When our Science and Math (same teacher) said what a loud voice I had when I shouted at my parter (Bench-mate) for irritating me! Everyone started laughing and I could feel my cheeks grow hot.
niamh Rebecca Summer Camp Secrets, dancing, singing, my brother and sports. my two enemies finely and gabby. when my friend told one of the boys in my class that i loved another and now him knowing!!
Nishtha Ritika, Dhvani, Pooja Singing on stage and being a star(includes gettin all fashionable things) Fighting with a friend, being in this city and this house (i hate it!!!) when i messed up in the poetry festival.... also when i blushed in front of ma crush!
Fiazel Alisson Chocolate Spiders it was when my friend asked me who i liked and i said my crush and he was behind me
Olivia Daisy, Amelia, Emily, Lucy Going to sleepovers and messing about When my friends tease me and tell the boys i want to play football so i end up getting hurt because the tackle me We went on a school trip and we all went in the lift at the same time but the door shut before i got in so i went up the stairs but it was the wrong set so i got lost.
paripsa krishna and astha reading summer camp secrets, percy jackson and other books, having fun with friends, doing something exciting, eating, listening to music sarcasm when i was scolded by my social studies teacher bcoz i had a disagreement with her favourite students
jewell bre'anna reading fantasy and realistic fiction books i hate my school i fell while running during P.E.
Shivani Shubhangi Hanging out and doing CRAZY stuff with my BFF. Writing poems, and stuff. Singing along to the the tunes of my favorite songs. Arts and Crafts. Dance. Football. Performing on stage. Rude people. Insects (creepy!) When I had to say my views on 'Endangered species- Tigers' in front of my class for a group project, and almost did it, but forgot the last extract. (Can't forget the way everyone was staring at me! But good thing, my co-members didn't mind the fault at all!)
Rachael kelly rachael laura horse riding on my horses all yucky food and fights in football stood on top of the ball and hurt my arm badly
Niamh Katie and Jade Reading Summer Camp Secrets, collecting Top of the Pops magazines and shopping of course. SPIDERS In school i was sitting next to a boy I found cute. I was swaying my ruler in a daydream and hit him in the head with my ruler!!!!!!!!!
Rosie Laura Hope Lucia Alice and Annie Shopping, acting, dancing, music, make-up, my friends and family fashion, fashion designing, animals, magazines, yoga and frappuccinos Animal cruelty and mean people Too many to count (I'm really clumsy)