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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Eniola Maria-goretti Sky diving Anything pink When I was dared to tell my crush that he was the sugar in my tea, the butter on my bread, the cockroach in my cupboard... well, I did
nikhila kareema and sana sports spiders and snakes when i tried to be someone else and everybody found out
ella bethia going rollerblading on fridays being forced to eat peas when i went to PGL at school i was getting changed and my male teacher walked in as i was only wearing pants
Selena Eima and Fran and Jessie my Nintendo Wii Friends that are mean i was at PGL, i went into the boys toilets!
Evie Lauren Pizza, boys! spiders, farts! lol When it was pet day at school and i brought my dog and he is like a horse, he ran off away from me and knocked over my crush!!! CRINGEE!!!
Lucy kristy and vicky gymnastics, fashion, reading, swimming spiders anything like heights all the 1000s injuries i always do something!
Kahra Megan, Leila, Gemma Singing, dancing, acting, chilling with mates and drawing SCHOOL and GROSSNESS I was out shopping for clothes, I was in a rush and I'd been standing outside the changing rooms for ages and I got so impatient I decided to just get changed on the spot but my mate Shara walked out and I was standing there in knickers and a crop top on
Malayika Megan Playing netball with all my friends. We're a tight-knit team! People who ignore what you say When I wet myself and everyone saw when I got changed in the changing room after P.E.
Charlotte Lauren, Emily, Madelin, Hollie, and Ceri chilling, gossip, summer camp secrets, dancing, singing, acting... burping, BROGAN, cold showers spiders me and like 6 other girls went into the bathroom in school. Our assistant teacher, Mrs Moore, opened the door because we were speaking too loudly and everyone started running into the cubicles!!! She shouted at us and then i got embarrassed.
Evie Beth G. Horse riding - especially cantering Spiders in my shoe - errgh! Beth made this dare where I had to say somethhing mysterious to a boy but it all went wrong and he told the teacher about me teasing him!
Serisha Nadine Dancing, Listening to music, Watching movies, exploring new things, chilling with family and friends Spiders, coakroaches and any other icky insects I was in the library once and i peed in my pants coz my friends were only making me laugh. They were taking water and pouring it on the floor to make me wanna go wee wee
Simran Srichchha to sleep, listen to music, watch tv and surf the internet Papaya and flies when i had to host a poetry reciting competetion and i was nervous
Simran Srichchha to sleep, listen to music, watch tv and surf the internet Papaya and flies when i had to host a poetry reciting competetion and i was nervous
Emma Alivia Playing Moshi Monsters!!! Boys!!!! I was ment to do a small dot on my paper but I got carried away and did a giant dot insted! The whole class was laughing their heads off!
natalie nayna and deeksha fashion mags and nail polish vegetables when my mum fell in public
angelina alicia sports especially soccer, reading, shopping, music n fun, cool outfits n making new friendzz Insects! once i tripped over a wire n fell in front of ma whole school
Reena Allison and Isabellet Reading, riding my bike, hanging out w/ friends, and playing the piano ( I've been playing the piano for 5 years!) Snobby, stuck up people, getting a bad grade, people making fun of me! When I was at the 5th grade concert and I played my piano piece all wrong! Even though other people didn't notice, but still!
Amy Mariah and Imo and Cat Sports, especially football and basketball Sitting still for more than ten seconds When I ran to catch the door before it shut and it shut in my face!
Annabel Sophia, Lindsay, Hannah, Shelby, Robyn, Paige Drinking frappuccinos from starbucks with Sophia and reading Road kill. Ewwww!! When i was sledding on a hill with sophia and sarah and sophia said something funny and i peed my pants. Even my snowpants got wet
archana nayna and deeksha summer camp secrets books and shopping of course!! vegetables I slipped in my school bathroom and that was in front of everyone!