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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Elme busi and rebone clothes, shoes and horses Spiders getting tongue-tied when a cute guy talked to me
caroline charlot, charlotte and lisa my cat, my journal, sleepovers with my friends and my ipod Spiders in my room:S when I was one of the three kings in a nativity play and when I got the microphone to say my line I said 'I need a wee' instead!
Eno Juliet my blue skinny jeans from Paris people who brag about what they don't have. Boiys in my classroom. when i accidentally flipped my pen in my teacher's direction and was told to stand in front of the whole classroom - then the boys started snickering.
Emma Lauren Sports, especially running liars and bullies When i was doing a school play and started singing a song really loudly before the music started!
Fathima Fathima Hassim and Tasnim Kirsten My winter coat Spiders Trying to sneak out to a party which my parents were invited to too and getting caught! Cringe!!
Sonja Sakura, June, Cecilia dance, food, shopping My annoying little sister when my crush found out i liked him right in front of me.
amber ashley reading, writing, testing make up samples bullies, spooky stories when i almost peed when a cute boy looked kissed me
Jennifer Alice making everyone laugh and playing pranks on all of my bunk (5c) at Seaview Freaks when i walked on to the diving plank and i slipped and fell into the water. Everyone laughed at me
Eloise All my friends Horse riding and sunbathing Freaks When my hair goes curly
Amna grace reading before going to bed! Hanging out with my boy and best friends! I hate all types of insects! I was dancing with my friends when I realised that the boy I had a crush was watching me!
leila madison starbucks coffees, speanding time with my friends and chilling reading my fave book party time big spiders, loop the loop rollercoasters and falling out with friends and family. i climbed a huge tree, got stuck and my friend had to get me down!
amy tia shopping, dancing, acting, spa treatment and my friends spiders, snakes and seas when me and my friend were dancing in a shop and she left me dancing by myself!!!
Chloe Charlotte, Ellie, Lauren, Becca, Lara and Leah Dancing, Acting, Singing, Shopping, Chilling, Boys, Me, Cinema, Theatre, Swimmimg, Florida, Holidays, Iphones, Make Up, Gossip, School!! spiders When I Had To Speak In Front Of The Whole Of My Year And When I Was Speaking I Went Really Posh! And I Had People Coming Up To Me All Day Telling Me I Sound Really Posh!!! Cringe!!
Abbie Indy, Ella Summer camp secrets, best friends, ice skating, my kittens spiders, snakes I had a talent show in school in a few days, me and my friends were working hard on a dance. The day of the talent show came ehen it was my turn, I went red. As soon as the song came on some people at the back of the hall were waving there arms around like mad. Everyone was laughing at ..WHO? It was realy embarrassing!
Caterina Marisa and Claire Horse back riding and Nature Bugs when my brother spilled all my secrets to a boy that can't keep a secret for over a minute and told all my class and year cringe
mia olivia, katy, ellie, daisy, sophie, amie dancing, drama, reading horses i hate spiders and bugs ewwww when i was in a shop running and i put my hand out and knocked ever thing of the shelf
sophie caitlyn sun bathing football and rugby when somebody says i've got a boyfriend
chloe lucy dogs and moshi monsters homework Falling off my chair and everyone seeing my knickers
Kezziah Isabelle My Kindle e-reader When I get treated like no one cares about me - which happens a lot! When I was playing a game of table-soccer, I REALLY needed the bathroom but I didn't want to stop the game. I accidently peed myself and had to wait until the game was over to get changed.
Fatima Veronica Messing about and doing my science project Bullies Peed on myself when my friends were telling scary stories Eeew!!!!!!