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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
khushboo maulika i pod i love music pink skirts and dresses telling my friend about my crush and finding out that he's standing right behind me i still find it awkward talking to him!!
khushboo maulika i pod i love music pink skirts and dresses telling my friend about my crush and finding out that he's standing right behind me i still find it awkward talking to him!!
lotty daisy my trampoline and my ipod touch big spiders When a boy at my old school wrote about how he fancied me
Rox Simone Playing basketball Working at Jasmines When I called my coach dad
abbie beth and ngoni fashion and boys ollie showing my bum
Tomczak Jagoda Syasya Hanging out with all my friends and gossiping! I hate the dark When I believed there was a ghost in my closet and getting teased for it.
amina nazma having a laugh with my mates boys When I tripped and my head ended up inside a vanilla cake
bhumika anupriya Writing in my diary, collecting pens, hanging out with my friends. maths classes When I sneezed badly during a class.
Winter Stella-Belle Laughing and hanging out with my quads, Spring, Summer and Autumn! People who go "wow!" when I say I'm a quad! It's cool but it's not a biggie deal!!! When I wore my fave jeans to a date with my first boyfriend when they had lemonade down the front from earlier! It looked like I'd peed my pants! Eeeek!
Tabby Madi, Sydney Shopping, gossip, spying on hot guys, running, reading, watching awesome movies, listening to music spiders, kumon, Justin Bieber, homework, ugly bugs All the times my past and future crushes have watched me getting embarrassed!!!!
smriti harshita playing pranks, staring at my crush, opening others secret, someone clicking my photos, writing poems and stories, reading love stories insects, sleeping during the day, someone who shows off about something that he/she doesn't have well.... my life is full of embarrassing moments. once i was staring at my crush and he saw me. when i told my brother about my crush the way he looked at me - errr!
ella lauren chocolate, reading and swimming worms, blood, bossy girls when i got stuck up a tree and my dad had to carry me down in front of my crush!
Leila Stevie drawing, talking, playing, sleeping, making things, eating, art (just like Alyssa!!) When I am sad (obviously!!!!) when a really cute boy started talking to me and i was so shy that my friend Tanisha had to speak for me!!
tashi denchen, tshewang, dhendup and karma music, my books, my friends... Spiders... When i was talking about the guy i like and then realised that he was standing right in front of me
Lucy Hannah BFF Dancing! Spiders eww! I wet myself on stage while doing a play!
chelsa amber boys, make-up, smores, shopping, reading, fashion mags Weirdos, bullies, spooky stories, French when my top fell down in a swimming pool
Phoebe Lotty Playing sport whatever the weather Spiders big and small! When this boy called Oscar, who's in love with me said to the ENTIRE of KS1 that he loves me!
Hilary Charlene Ice Skating, reading, shopping and listening to music Studying Crying
Quek Xin Yuan Amelia Goh Dance(Chinese dance, ballet and contemporary) singing, being teacher's pet. gossipers gossiping about me, not being the first. My ballet skirt once dropped in a dance rehearsal and eveyone roared with laughter on seeing my skirt dropping. It turns out I did not tie my skirt properly!
Stella Nicky and Belle Hanging out wid friends anywhere!!!! Getting embarrassed... (DUH!) When I accidentally went into a boys bathroom... (he he!)