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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Verity Temidaya and Panashe Having a manicure, reading books and gossiping with friends spiders Wetting myself in school
Danee Grace and Lauren Swimming and playing tennis listening to my older sis on the phone to her boyfriend I was playing a very important tennis match against this boy I liked. I had remembered a long time ago, he said he had a twin. I thought that my opponent was that twin and i spent most of the game telling him about my love for his brother. When I found out who he really was, I was sooo embarrassed
Zoe Rachel, Fatima, Jaclyn and Aislyn Eating, singing and acting Maths class! :s When my whole class saw my underwear tucked into my skirt!
Amber-Lily Rebecca Reading by the side of my swimming pool My sister Anna Tripping over in front of a really cute boy
Victoria Sabrina He's not a thing but Justin Bieber SIblings and bullies When I thought I saw my friend and I shouted Lydia and this girl looked at me and laughed.
Evelyn Amy listening to music, reading story books (especially Summer Camp Secrets), sports and swimming Fighting with friends I fell down in front of the cute boy i like
Ellie I have lots of them especially liberty swimming, sun bathing, cooking and having friends round to play maths test's, justin bieber and bullies when i was getting changed for p.e. and my pants fell down
charlotte jessica tennis big spiders a boy asked me if i wanted to dance and i was speechless for 5 minutes
Chanelle Yasmin, Reesa, Mayeeshah, Chantelle, Jessica, Sharntee and Mala Going shopping, hanging out with my best friends and my twin sister Chantelle, Gymnastics, being silly and my two dogs Roxy and Daisy Maths and boring teachers When I was at athletics club at school and some of the girls including me wanted to learn how to do the triple jump. The teacher asked if anyone could do it and I was talking to my friend and she asked a question to which i replied yes. The P.E teacher thought I said yes to her question so she made me do and when i was doing the jumping bit i kinda went wrong, fell forward and went straight into the sand head first :P
Beth Ruby and Lily going to the movies with my friend and reading Summer Camp Secrets! spiders, urrr can't stand them!! I was in the bookshop and i took out one book and the whole shelf and all the books came tumbling down, not just on me but on loads of people i didn't know
Gypsy Naomi Drama, swimming and woodwork! S'mores, Dead Man's Falls and The Cropsy story! Walking into a door in front of a boy i like!
kylie Hilary my laptop, of course Boys and disgusting things When i thought this guy was my dad
Jessica Becky My ipod Smelly socks When I fell over in front of my crush and he laughed at me!!!!
Shravani Mrudu, Tanvi and Leanne Acting in plays all bugs When the boy i had a crush on saw me cry for a silly reason.
Gemma Molly giong to stagecoach Spiders When we were at school painting I hugged the teacher and she ran out of the way cos I had paint on my hands.
Rebecca Shannon/Aimee Looking at my crush! Getting embarrassed! When I was walking back to my chair after putting something in the bin at the top of the classroom and when i saw down a boy pulled the chair out from under my and i fell on the floor! Ahhh!
naishi nehal dogs!!!! cats!!! i was kissing nehals bro in his room when she walked in!!! luckily she forgave us n ve been goin out since den its almost 3 yrs
maulkia khushboo boys i love dating dogs ewww when ma current boyfriend went and started i fight with one of ma ex boyfriends over me!! the whole skool saw it
Nana Tan Mavis and Nadine My 3 notebooks of song lyrics Insects, butterflies What do I say? I actually attract embarrassment. Well, we got the class photos we ordered, and there was this column for autographs from everyone and then it was pretty embarrassing when I asked this boy Marcus to sign because I had been crushing on him and he was transferring schools.