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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Bethany Zoe we r bffs 4 life!!! Chillin with all my bezzies and letting out my energy! wasps and bumblebees, yikes! I shouted out in the middle of the classroom when everything went silent! whoops...
Jessica Toni and Charlotte All my Justin Bieber posters!!!! He is amazing Selena Gomez for going out with Justin Speaking out in class! I probably look like a strawberry lol!!
Yau Yau Sobie, Cherie, Jocelyn, Kelly, Flora, Rose Being with Friends, talking and laughing with friends, and doing things including my friends misquito bites and friendship break-ups Screaming when I hear a bee is near me (even at home)
Megan Maria, Emma, Caitlin, Noelle, Niamh, Amy Reading Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Wardstone Chronicles. I also love rounders and soccer. Twilight, High School Musical, Being bored, The fact that the Harry Potter movies are nearly over *sob* My bikini top coming up during swimming. Luckily I was under water so nobody saw, but still sooooo embaressing!
Danielle Bianca, Melissa, Vivica, Gemma Fashion Mags, shopping, reading books, juicy gossip Spiders, rats, hamsters, bullies When my ex-best friend told the boy I fancied that I had a crush on him! And he was blushing and I was too. It was the worst moment ever!
Ishita Malik muskan, anshika, tanya, shivangi, akanksha Listening to party music with friends, hanging out with cuddly teddies spiders bugs and everything creepy and slimy When I cried stupidly in front of my crush
Hannah Jasmine, Sierra, Cindy, David and Jessica My rainbow clips Pears Going in to the boys washroom - whoops - lucky no one saw me
Elsie Franny Justin Bieber Water bottle sweat At my track meet I had just finished running the two mile and when I went to get my water I wet my pants!!
Erin :) Camryn Frappachinos from starbucks and sushi. I am just like Nat!!! Snakes, spiders and anything gross When I was doing my dance recital I fell and was off key the rest of the time
Sophie Gillian Reading and doing school work When my friends tell secrets right in front of you that are about you I was at school went into bathroom and went into a stall where there was a sixth grader
Tori Sadie, Liz, Emma, Emily, Kate Taking showers at camp spiders When my friend Liz and I were writing notes to each other about my crush in school and my teacher found out and read it aloud.
Abby Charlotte, Beth, Amanda, Natalie, Carlie, Jen, Alyssa, Courtney, Ruby, Lesa My charm bracelet spiders When I was at my best friend's Halloween party and I got really scared because my friend had freaky music on.
Alisha Aneeqa Writing Drama I called my teacher mum and my whole class teased me about it for weeks on end
Neha Malyka, Misha, Laila (and the Summer Camp Secret girls) eating ice-cream, shoping, makeovers Lizards (ewwwwwwwww) I did pee in my pants and once i bumped into a cute boy
esha shah Trishna and Mehak Spending a day at the mall with my bffs getting a total makeover and manicure Snakes and frogs In karate class when my loose pants fell down in front of everyone!!! I almost died
Coral Chelsea!!!! Swimming, Summer Camp Secrets, my Gucci bag and my new designer Carmen Marc Valvo dress and my family!!! Love you daddy!!! Mean people, serious people, McDonalds - ewww! I was swimming when an inspector walked by. I tried to show off my kicking and footwork and accidently splashed her!!! Oooops!!!
Cody Jennifer, Jayni, Leea Ballet, TV and Mum's chocolate fudge cake!!! Also, Summer Camp Secrets, my dogs Ruby and Oscar and pizza! Bullies, rats and mean and rude people I was at ballet and a really cute boy came in while I was doing a pirouette. I fell flat on my face and flicked HIM in the face with my hair! Great!!!
Lisa Hia singing, acting and dancing yoga When a man was saying hello I said hello, the man said can you keep it down I'm talking on the phone
Erin Amy xXx Reading or sport :) homework of fighting with my friends :( When we were on a school trip my pj bottoms fell down in front of everyone!!!
Verity Temidaya and Panashe Having a manicure, reading books and gossiping with friends spiders Wetting myself in school