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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Allyson Ashley My cute pink jeans dogs! When I was hit on the head with a marker
Abby Amanda, Charlotte, Lisa and Kaelyn My ipod and my lip gloss and going to summer camp Bugs When Amanda my friend, and I got lost at a theme park spying on my crush
Olivia Ben, Abi and Emily I love my guinea pigs and hanging out with friends. I really want to be a writer when I grow up and I want to write a series about Summer Camps I HATE CATS!! Sorry for all the cat lovers but I'm a dog person and I hate smoothies as well! When on an own clothes day in school my jeans were too big and they kept on falling down! It was so embarrassing!
Belinda Felicia and Ruiying food and excursions bullies When I puked on my classmates
Queen Eke Fisayo Ipads and Touch Screen phones DOGS!!! When I cried in school
Lucy Kasi Exploring new places People being mean Falling over on sports day in front of everyone in the sprint race
Chisom Sharon and Ibukun My black mini dress with blue glitters Bugs Having nothing to say when 15 year olds are talking to me
Ellie Sammy Listening to the latest tunes Spiders (shiver) and Justin Bieber I was skipping with all my friends and in the middle of it my skirt fell down
Megha Pratyaksha, Nancy, Ashi Pampering myself, books, my puppy, Justin Bieber and me... Maths, report cards and bugs When I fell from my bicycle
Alice Tara Reading, reading, reading! Spiders When this really cute boy was watching me and I blushed and I wasn't looking where I was going and stepped in the pool and fell in EMBARRASSING!!!
Poulami Pratyaksha and Ashi I luv dancing, music and hanging out in a cul place with my frndz Mathematics and pimples eek!! when I cried because I got a part in Matilda as Ms. Honey
Isabella Lottie going on holiday, camping and having an adventure boys when they think they are better then you or they beat you in a game/dare when this boy had a pouch full of strawberry yougert and he said that if me and my friends didn't hurry up or shut up then he would open it and spray it in our faces. But he put so much pressure on it, it went straight on my face and everyone burst into laughter and i was so embarrassed I ran in to the loos and stayed there all of lunch
Ashley Yasmin Horse riding with my friend Yasmin and a lot more I hate being girly to be honest I am a tomboy When I fall over and people be looking at me, it happens a lot of times
Kaddie Abbie!!!! shopping!!!! rain Falling off a chair in ITC!!!! eek
Georgia Lizzie My pet dog chihwawa or my toys spiders (actual phobia) When I got food down my skirt and I had to take one from lost property and the only one that fit was 2 sizes too big. In line it was really windy and my skirt fell down!
Sophie Sonika I love reading books :) vegetables I told a lie that was found out
Abisola Annia, Adoofan, Oyina and Sandra Reading Books,chatting with friends and watching celebrity T.V shows dancing with boys When the boy I liked found out I liked him. When I had to dance with the ugliest boy in the world at Village Camps !!!!!
Demi Jade and Emma horse riding bullies when I was in all saints got talent and I fell over in front of 369 kids, 381 adults and 19 teachers
Geneva sarah, sasha, vivianna, tiffany, lois, tyrese, alex, tiffany, sadia, saudia, rebecca, savannah, shaniah, kristie, shane, shane hanging out with my boyfriend, eating , sleeping, laughing, making weird noises, hanging out with my friends, going to the mall (games arcade duh.... shopping is so overrated) puppies nerds, jerky boys, spiders, cockroaches, haterzz when i left spoiled food in my bag an everyone thought it was me having diarrhea
Madeleine Imogen Chocolate, Taylor Swift and Doctor Who Justin Bieber, bugs and spiders When my friend cracked a joke about Turkey during a lesson, 5 minutes later I broke out into random giggles!