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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Layla Cat, Jess, Cherry, Anna and Nikole Making people laugh, dancing, acting, singing Spiders, fake friends I went to the cinema with my friends, and I went to the toilet. When I came back, I sat down next to some stranger, thinking it was my boyfriend! I took a handful of his popcorn and he nearly had heart attack!
Celine Tima and Kinda Reading and making people laugh The boys in every class I've ever been in When I was playing hide and seek with my brother, I was under the table and then he found me and shoted BOO! and scared me so bad I hit my head on the table and started crying in front of my friends
Kiera Georgia and Tegan going shopping with my bezzies SNAKES At my mum's wedding when I ate to much! I threw up all over my bridesmaid dress and evryone stared at me :D
Katie Miade Music, dance and really fun stuff!!! Spiders!!! Eek!!! I was performing a dance and I went off the stage the wrong way, so I ran across the stage by myself :P oops!
Mollie Lidia obviously she is like the best friend ever Hanging out with Lidia, cats, singing, reading, softball Showers, I'm only keen on baths, and anything that includes cranberry I was auditioning for this great solo singing part for our school play then I started choking and I coughed up my tooth. It fell out, blood was dripping down my chin and the teacher said I'd play a good part as Dracula but not Nancy (the character I was auditioning for)
Melissa Gul Shopping and JUSTIN BIEBER i love him he is hot and supper great at singing My little sis, she bugs me non stop When I wore the same outfit as my bff to a mega cool party!
Ellie I have 100s My ipod and my laptop and music Bullies and spiders Texting my friend about how big a crush I had on this boy but accidentally sent it to him instead! :-O
Rachel Bruna, Alice, Izzie, Jasmine (I have too many!) Sports, sports, sports, sports, SPORTS!!! Especially footy and rugby MATHS MATHS MATHS MATHS MATHS MATHS MATHS Dancing with my teacher at the school disco, on tape!!
Becca Sophie Dance and Swimming Wasps! When me and my family were at the seaside I got attacked by seagulls trying to steal my food
Georgie Imy, Jess, Lilly, Isabelle and Beth My rabbits and sausages My little brother When my mum tries to kiss me in the playground at school. Once she tried to in front of my crush!
Niki Rachel To do makeovers, to design clothes, to paint my nails and read fashion mags Lizards and spiders(totally eeeeeewww) When me and Rachel were doing makeovers and the lights were not on. Later we found out that we were looking like Lady Gaga!!!!
Amna Grace I like reading, playing on my trampoline and going to the cinema I hate all types of insects and BOYS!!! When I was talking about how mean a teacher was and I found out that she was right behind me
Emily Kiki READING SUMMER CAMP BOOKS THEY R THE BEST!!!! Scary spiders!!! I made cheesecake at school but when I was trying to impress a boy on the bus it fell on my head and I got it all over me!!!!!
Gertrude Maisy, Camille and Evangelina My favourite thing is Purple. It is really nice. I hate frogs because they are slimy and gooey and live in icky, sticky bogs. When I walked into school and told my new teacher and class my name. Everyone sniggered and they still do.
Heather Callie AND Zara Latest fashions, swimming, LIPGLOSS and hanging out with BFFs!! Bullies and secrets When I prank-called the cutest boy in class and he called back and my mom picked up.
Rachel Hollie Singing, art and hanging out with my Best Friends Forever!! Getting lost in the dark When i was at a party and my brother threw a ball at me. My friend's dog jumped up at me and i ended up with cherry cola on my dress and in my hair!!!
Darrell Jessica and Catherine playing football and badminton and also being very stylish getting tanned gossiping about someone my class and finding they are just standing next to me !!!!
Katrina Alice and Sophie Reading Summer Camp Secerts series over and over again and going shopping in the mall with my bffls! SPIDERS my friend dared me to drink 3 bottles of soda and when I was in the lift with my crush he made a laugh and omigosh I started to pee... THOUGH LUCKLY he got out of the lift to his floor! It would of been a massive cringe if he didnt get out!
Grace Melissa Making new friends bullies Saying that I had a boyfriend
Priya Teja Singing, dancing and of course hanging out with my friends Getting bored... I never realised my bum looked huge in my school uniform until my friends told me... hate it!!!!!!