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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Kate :) Emily, Honor, Victoria Hanging out with my friends and reading Summer Camp Secrets books! When I fall out with people or when my friends fall out! When my "friend" humiliated me in front of loads of people and kept owning me!
Victoria Honor food and more food but I'm not fat my brother standing in dog poo
Kate Emily Hanging out with my friends and reading Summer Camp Secrets books! I hate snakes and spiders! When I had come out of the toilet to find my skirt tucked into my tights and loads of boys were going past!
Tia Lily my favourite thing is reading summer camp secrets and painting walking the dogs when I fell at school on an icy day and my backside was wet
Amee Nicole pizza, chocoloate, books, food, clothes embarrassment When i went to the movies (TODAY) and i went through the door but i was singing and the door was closed so i didnt know that there was a load of people in behind the door waiting to go in. They all heard me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nichol Keiry Playing basketball my friend Naiomi When my date kissed me and i burped in his mouth
Carina Lucy, Erin, Natalie, Ella, Bethany gymnastics bananas everytime someone says harry and i love each other. grrrrr! hate it!!!!!!!!!
Lena Shannon and Natalie Gymnastics and playing the Clarinet Spiders when i slipped over in the school corridor
Fejiro Mary swimming and dancing around sweaty boys when i fell in front of a boy and my skirt flew up
Rinnie Romeo, Ali, Shrey, Adi, Shiiv Playing and watching sports, listening and making music, love sticking to friends! Being hated and blamed for no reason! I am never embarrassed of anything i do, just enjoy and have fun with it!
Cecilia My twin brother Simon My double figure amount of siblings, my German shepherd Jett, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and two of my siblings, Simon and my twenty year old brother, Dwight. My twin eight year old brothers, Bowie and Jagger, my nineteen year old sister, Mayella, and rap music. When I was getting picked on and my fourteen year old brother, Dylan had to stick up for me. He made a huge fuss and everybody called me a chicken.
Ashley Kate and Jessica Singing, reading mags and books, playing soccer, costume designing!!!! Fighting, Studying! When people found out a secret about me!
Kate Lois Being around my friends having fun! And SHOPPING, manicures and running! Heights and spiders (especially BIG ones!) When i fell in a lake on holiday!
Amy Olivia I absolutly love riding my pony at my nans and love hanging round with mates like livvy (olivia) xx I really hate being in the middle of fights and I don't like pranks being played on me!!! :( my embarrassing moment is when I fell off my horse and it looked like slow motion, I got up and turned out that my horse spooked over a rabbit in the wood
Nicole Ella, Abby and Harshi Going to starbucks. Reading Fasion Mags. Makeovers, sleepovers, gossiping and listening to the hottest tunes on my iphone. Cockroaches and spiders in the bathroom and all creepy insects. Screaming in class (at school, in front of everyone) when I saw a cockroach on my desk. The teacher told me it was smaller than the size of my toe!!! Eek - Embarissing
Shannon Kelly, Nadine, Morgan, Amy, Ginny, Daniel, Emma and Shannon M. Writing my own stories Two faced people Cutting my leg by accident and having blood leaking all over my trousers!
Felicity ashlyn, mertila, aisha, georgia, chloe Dating boys I like Football I was shopping with my BFF when my enemy tripped me up and I fell on my crush's lap. I found out my enemy loved him too but he secretly loved me and loads of people from our school heard him ask me out. It was so embarrassing
Fay Megan, definitely! food, music, singing, all the showbiz things, especially drama! I also love playing pranks and playing sports, I have so much in common with the Camp Lakeview girls! I don't really hate a lot of things, I think I'm very appreciative with everything, even if I don't like it! Leaving a loo door unlocked, so about 3 people came in and saw me on the loo once in France!
Felicity Ashlyn, Mertila, Aisha, Georgia, Chloe gymnastics, reading, dating, chatting to friends, arts and crafts, bike rides with boyfriends and friends sleepovers I hate football and cars Once I was making up a crazy dance with my best friend and my older sis videoed it and sent it to all my friends and her friends and posted it on Facebook
Heidi Rebekah To swim on the swim team To play basketball Falling asleep on a lady I didn't know in an airplane