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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Ella Eni and Jemima Doing art and crafts and buying new clothes and nail polish with my mom at the mall Spiders, snakes and anything disgusting Behaving like a total manic when this cute boy winked at me, I totally freaked out!
Rebecca Julia, Maymuna, Kimberley My music and movies. NUTELLA!! HOPEFULLY IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET
Nurul Kat (short for Katherine) Electronics ANY KIND OF BUGS Fell from a chair during class
Keira Georgia I love books, ecepically mystery ones, my tablet and phone, fashion, makeup and writing and dancing and shopping and hanging out with my BFFS. Being sweaty, sticky, baggy clothes, bullies and unreliable people. I was dancing in the playground with Georgia, in front of a few boys, in front of my crush, and then all of a sudden, wind blew up and both of our skirts flew up and showed our knickers! All the boys were laughing. We'll never live it down. Yet.
Anna Amani, Ashlee, Sophia Taking a long nap BUGS!!! Especially those millipedes When a guy I didn't like confessed to me... Ever since that day I was teased about declining
Breanna Tawana, Lola, Millie, Jasmine, Jessica, Leah, Morgan Shopping, hanging with bffs, school discoes, sleepovers, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream and girly sleepovers Spiders, snakes, people who dont like me for the real me and people saying stuff behind my back When I did my class play and i wet myself in the practise
Molly Emily Dogs,art,english Mushrooms and football boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachael Amelia Going for a walk with my dogs Spiders, small or big! Falling over in a conga line and holding everyone up. Oops!
Clarissa Danica I like chocolate and I'm addicted to books, I mainly read murder mystery novels Sweat and my wet hair sticking to my body My mother scolded me when my friends were around
Alex Hayden My friends, books, clothes, shopping, my electronics Eating my greens When I liked this boy and found out he was my cousin
Kate Holly Cake! Books Spiders, heights, bullies When I was in school just before I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, I kept wetting myself!
Habibah Elisa and Sophie Taking long showers Bees When I fell off a roof and started crying afterwards!
Ruby Ella, Anya, Ellen, Lily, Beth, Casey Performing on stage! Harry Farr and Harry London When I puked all over Miss B aha
Kenneddy Stephie, Anise, Caitlyn, Freya and Zoe Summer camp, snowboarding, skiing, hanging with friends, bunnies, giraffes Mean people, big dogs Falling on my face in p.e.
Sahana Subi Skating Studying The day I lost a race in the skating national championship
Maya Andrea Desserts, best friend, art, sewing, sing, tap-dance, hot choco, sleepovers Insects!!! Lizards I almost puked in class 'cause I ate too much!!!!
Macky Shauna, Anna, Dylan, Rob, Jamie, Cillian (de baes) Going park wit da besties (baes), reading, youtube, SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM Bullies, stew, rice, skirts, high heels Calling a guy in my class 'dad'
Isla Hannah YouTube (especially Dan and Phil!!) Tests!! D: When I was told I could leave school early because of the snow at my house and I stood up and screamed, "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Usually I'm really quiet in class...
Sunetra Gemma Dancing, drawing, learning the shuffle dance Spiders and girls when they slag you off Falling over in front of your crush
Cheyanne Kelly My writing pen which is perfect for writing my stories and also my successful pencil which helps me draw sooo good I flipping hate spiders sooooooooooo much and when people sneak up on me when I'm least expecting it Liking a year 10 when I'm in year 9 and everyone finding out that my best friend likes him too only that was meant to be secret!!!