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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Racheal Jadesola and Eriyowe I love reading novels and playing games I hate snakes, spiders and any dangerous animals. When a man riding a bicycle hit me on the road.
Danielle Morgan, Nelly and Binnie Eating (mainly Vimto Skiddadles), laughing and telling jokes. When people laugh at their own jokes. I was playing football in Phys Ed and I was goalie. The ball came flying toward me so I screamed and ran to the other side of the pitch. :-C
Paty Koky, Sarsy, Sasy, Miro, Earo, Noody arts and crafts in my room - reading Summer Camp Secrets books (On Thin Ice) - watching 'shake it up' on Disney Channel - going camping. when I'm not allowed to meet my best pals when we are doing rehearsals and it's time for performance and I don't know what to say or to do.
Lucy Georgina!!! Duh! I love watching danisnotonfire videos. I also love reading girly books. When people slap their food. That means when they eat with their mouth open and really really loudly. I was in ICT and I got up to ask the teacher something. Somebody needed a chair so just as I was about to sit down they took my chair and I fell onto the floor!! CRINGE!!!! x(
Nat Karen, Sara, Sara, Nadeen, Ereny, Merritte, Aimee hanging out with my best mates and cooking - making secrets with my best mates - fashion. snakes - spiders - whispering - people making fun of me - best mates not understanding me when people stare at me for ages :(
Symran Farah I absolutely loooooooooooooove watching Vampire Diaries on Tuesday nights and I am sooooooooooooo in love with Damon Salovotre:)xoxo I HAAAAAAATE any kind of weather other than sun, especially rain xoxo Once in year 4, I had a crush on the goalie when we were doing our penalty shoot-outs and when I went to kick the ball...I fell over! xoxo
Jennifer Teagan, Gabriele, Charlotte, Daisy, Amelia, Skye..... Galaxy chocolate, yum! I love acting and books as it makes me feel like someone else. A different person! I hate being too young to watch movies like Titanic and being watched 24/7. I want privacy! I was eating a bar of chocolate. Then in front of my crush I slid on ice and some chocolate melted on my blushing face!
Chloe Lola shopping, reading, doing makeovers (on Lola!) and listening to music rats, spinach and getting my clothes dirty! When I went to get an award and tripped up in front of the whole school! CRINGE!!!
Jessie Mackenzie and Emily chillaxing after school and ice cream spiders and being tickled when a guy I liked found out and he asked me if it was true and I just said mmmmmmolly is an blithering poopy idiot
Wendy Sandy and Osu and Yazz Reading books (I love it!), composing music, singing, meeting new people, having parties and going on picnics with friends! White rats and kittens. Hearing my friends say I'm cool and kind! To know I'm really genorous despite being fat Cockroaches! (Arrrgh...! Even more than snakes!), being fat and a bit crazy, that in my country - Sri Lanka - it's regarded rude ppl good and good ppl bad and being cornered away from others especially my best friends I'm fat (how I wish I was cute and slender), my cousin brother teasing me till I eat the earth! (arrrrgh - he is so wierd), ppl saying I'm fat
Itoro Feyikunmi Watching movies, listening to music, chatting online, fab outings, being with family Bugs (creep me out), annoying people, failing tests and exams Falling backwards of my seat during agric class (this was actually my fault)
Jessica Madilyn/Kara animals spiderwebs 'n spiders getting changed in front of everyone
Emmy Iona, Leni, Kate, Isabella, Briea, Saria, Hannah, Cerys, Eve CHOCOLATE boys and dogs and being left out me tripping
Dhanya Firni aka Crystal my bff, potatoes, pizza, comedy tv shows, Summer Camp Secrets book 9 my bro, sacks of potatoes, irritating boys When I went to a theme park, I rode a boy ride but that wasn't the worst part. I accidentally slept in the bus back to my hotel and some little kids drew on my face.
Lisa Sarah reading, swimming, dancing and singing dishonest people, boring people and pretenders when I forgot my lines at a show in school
Caitlyn Issie (my twin) and Lucy Hanging out with Issie and Lucy, ice cream, hot chips and Russian fudge (not mixed together) and playing with all the pets at the shelter Being teased about being born on leap year's day, boys, snakes, earthquakes (I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and have been in 5 over sixes!!!! At my school camp I thought I saw Issie and Lucy reading by our bunks and I went over to give Issie a hug but it wasn't her it was my arch enemy Katie!!!
Kylie Hilary I love going shopping and getting to know all the gossip that's going around. Also hanging out with my best friends. I hate spiders and GUYS! My embarrassing moment was when I tripped over and fell on my crush.
Phoebe Lotty Playing 40-40 in and wearing the smallest boy in my class's coat!! Boys kissing me in public When a guy in my class told all of reception, yr1, yr2 AND yr3 that he loves me up to the moon and back!!!! Cringe!!!
Lily Phoebe Reading Summer Camp Secrets, hanging with my friends, playing dares, fooling around and... MY MUM'S HOT CHOCOLATE! (YUMMY) Being disliked and getting into fights In French, me and Daniel (my BBFF) were laughing around and my French teacher said boys line up (in French) and I got up with them and lined up! I WENT BRIGHT RED!
Chrystal Dhanya Summer Camp Secrets, my BFF, chocolate, ice-cream, books about crushes and admirers (somethin like Summer Camp Secrets book 9), happy things... :) Dhanya (last time), kids who take my stuff away.... :( Hmmm... Let's see. When I was 8 I was supposed to tell a story in my school but I didn't come up with one until the last minute and completely mixed up everything... ;(