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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Maddy Danielle and Kirsty Pranking (nicely of course) and food, preferably chicken pie Dogs (no offence to anybody), SPIDERS and bullies When I was in a shop and knocked EVERYTHING over
Symran Taylor Hanging out with my friends, art, sports, music, shopping, movies, parties, bowling, theatre, spending time with my nan, poetry, reading I hate maths, Jacob from Twilight, Tyler from Vampire Diaries and spiders My most embarrassing moment was when 1 time in yr5 it was P.E. and I was running when I tripped and fell flat on my face in front of my totally gorgeous maths and science teacher who evry1 including him knew I was crushing on majorly! LOL (: IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING (; XOXO
Cerys Isabella, Dug and Hannah mornings when the sun is shining but there is still a cool breeze and dew on the grass and the sun goes in your eyes! maths (even though I am good at it) when I called a teenager 'mum' in the newsagents!
Sandeep Ahraby, Vrinda and Sushnitha Making psychic predictions about your friends in the future!!!! When a boy from your class shoves snow down your back in a snowball fight!!! Playing blind man's bluff and walking into a tree and then falling backward!! It really hurt.
Zara Ayesha Shopping and going to the movies! Pimples When I dropped a frappuccino on my front *cringe*
Thato Riziki and Thato Singing, dancing, sports, writing songs, fashion... I hate people who are mean and only care about themselves Playing football wearing jeans and my zip broke in front of my coach who is a man.
Kayla Amy, Evie-Lyss, Jessie, Mia, Grace Performing arts!! Disgusting food :( When I accidentally slipped in mud and mud was all over my top! Cringe!
Erin Amy Dogs, summer, cricket, Haribo People who think they're "all that" Running up to a stranger in the supermarket and calling her mummy :/
Jessica Becky and Caitlyn My iPod and books My sister When a girl in my class told the boy I had a crush on that I loved him
Makenna Callie Ian K Annoying people!!! Falling in my slippery but super cute flip flops at lunch and not being able to even stand up!!!
Aimee Tara/Melanie/Dani Reading, chatting with friends, gossiping, flirting, tanning, hanging out near the beach, dancing, singing, hanging on the web!!! Math, mean girls, lizards, spiders, frogs, rollercoasters, embarrassing moments, cleaning!! I saw a spider and I was sooo scared I crashed into my friend!
Sharla Taylor Reading, surfing net, listening to music, chatting with my crush (name: Kehnny), who mostly likes me back, on the comp, not being bored... having fun with friends. BEING BORED. :( D: :'( I've had a lot of tiny embarrassing moments but if I tell them all... it won't fit... sigh...
Alex Islay Ice cream! Annoying people When I played an old song in front of my class
Juliette Natasha, Rachel, Rosie, Jenna, Grace Reading Summer Camp Secrets, art, music and sleepovers SPIDERS!!! Eww When I was at my friend's house and her brother came in when I was trying on a pair of high heels. I skidded across the wooden floor when he banged through the door!
Agna Aysha, Neha, Riya and Kim I love animals (except creepy crawlies), reading (especially Nancy Drew and Summer Camp Secrets) and pencil drawing creepy crawlies, when the teacher scolds me in front of everyone and when I see animals dying or getting hurt when my skirt fell down at the annual day
Evie-Lyss Grace, Jessie, Mia, Kayla, Amy Fashion, gossip and dancing!! Anything boring When I laughed during an exam
Grace Elisa, Tara and Isabella Art, music, my pet cat, hanging with friends and playing on the trampoline with my sister. BULLIES, Irish, sports (I am no good at all) and people who think they know it all. I was day dreaming in class and the teacher asked a question and my hand just shot up. He picked me and I said a completely different answer and the whole class started laughing at me (even the teacher!!!)
Imogen Hannah, Sian and Maddy animals, rabbits, horses and penguins, books, Harry Potter and Summer Camp Secrets, art, all films, sports, horse riding and swimming girly stuff, spelling and bullies I died of embarrassment when I went to school with bright bright purple hair
Khalila Cheukai SWIMMING SWIMMING SWIMMING SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arachne, bullies, and when I get blamed for something I didn't do. When I was dancing in front of the president and on national television and then my skirt fell down right in the middle of it!! :..(
Lilly Scarlet, Trixie and Pixie wolves, rabbits, horses and books girly stuff, mental maths and bullies when I went to school with aqua blue hair... SOOOOO EMBARRASSING