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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Beatrice Erin Horse riding and partying! Over-reacting people and spiders. When I hit a really hot boy with a tennis ball in the face! Also when I fell off my horse in front of my boyfriend.
Adrija Srinjayee Everyone in school knows me as the quiet one but I'm totally different in my neibourhood... I love to talk... I love sports... making friends, shopping "of course" and travelling! All gross things When I was caught chatting with a boy on my mobile who mom thought was my boyfriend and she started seeing all the messages.
Kylie xoxo Kesha eating pizza, watching kris angle mindfreak and loads of reading spiders, the dark, flirty girls and big show-offs! when I thought the guy I liked was rubbing his leg against mine... turned out he was trying to irritate me and what I thought was leg rubbing was actually kicking! Oh, also when I almost let out my deepest secret...
Georgina Milly, Izzy and Lizzy Shopping, reading, drawing and daydreaming Spiders, scary movies, animal cruelty When I bumped into my crush but I didn't know what to say so I just did my awful cheesy grin at him!
Emily Chloe and Becky Ice skating, sleepovers, hanging out with friends, shopping Brussels sprouts, snakes, roller coasters, elevators When I wet myself from laughing too much
Fay Megan All my friends All the bullies and rude, inconsiderate people at the summer camp I go to! When I punched a boy, then found out 5 minutes later that he liked me
YQ None - I'm happy on my own BOOKS!!!! Gross food, being told what to do, being woken up, being bothered, noise When someone saw me singing along to a song
Mufru Krithika, Jeyasri, Dhivya Hanging out with friends I hate exams... When I ate too much at a party and my relatives noticed
Abbie Olivia, Chloe and Lucy SHOPPING and all the girly things in life spiders and any sort of bug I was getting in the car from the supermarket and I needed the toilet. Then we were on the way home and I spilled my apple juice all over myself and they where sure I had peed myself x
Phoebe Lotty Sports and food x In a rehearsal for our class assembly, me and some friends were doing freeze frame to do with Queen Bouddica's rebellion and I fell down (on purpose!) when we were supposed to be marching on Colchester!!!!
Gemma Faye Drama Arguments My Friend shouted out to my whole class, my teacher and the librarian, 'Gemma why did you touch Connor?'. It was really embarrassing.
Lilly Megan and Molly Swimming laps in the pool Being shouted at When I couldn't fit my book in my bag and being called 'dork' and 'book-worm' but my friends totally stuck up for me
Georgina Emma and Lucy FASHION, riding my two beautiful ponies, anything to do with SPORTS. Spiders and creepy crawlies At a party and someone asked me something I didn't hear so I just said yes and he turned around and talked to someone else.
Claire Melissa and Rebecca Hanging out with my BFFs in town and drinking some hot chocolate in my cosy house! Being told what to do. People teased me about someone liking me.
Angie Steffy 'n' Ru Football... I live for it!!! Studies Farting in front of my friends... :P (hasn't happened yet!!!)
Fabian Nina (who is also my girlfriend - I am a boy) Reading in the library, being around Nina, solving mysteries with Nina. People calling me a nerd :'(, someone trying to break me and Nina up, people interrupting me and Nina when we're together. When everyone in my boarding house was trying to get me and Nina together. Eventually Amber nominated us for prom king and queen and we ended up kissing. Another embarrassing moment was when everyone kept interrupting me when I was trying to ask Nina to the prom.
Cassie Evie-Lyss, Grace (my twin), Kayla Cheerleading all the way! Cheese. Yuck! When I tripped over a pompom in cheerleading! Eek!
Chloe April Hanging out with my friends Maths Sophie telling me off
Ashley Esther, Shermane, Shwe Yee and Vicki Singing, watching movies, listening to music, sketching, dreaming Spiders and insects I accidentally told my friend about my favourite actor which nobody should know and she told almost the entire class that I have a crush even though I explained to her many times that he was just my fave actor.
Lottie Amber and Charlie Converse boots, animals, chocolate, comedy, music and books!!! Maths, creepy crawlies (especially wasps!), clowns and cats! When my nan told the waitress in the restaurant that she had severe indigestion! Aren't old people great?!