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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Nemal Grace Make-up, music, fashion, netball, making new friends and reading fashion, music and celebrity mags!! Having fights with friends and SPIDERS! Turning up to school with my bedroom slippers on!
Sydney Jessica Just chill'n with a cool book (Summer Camp Secrets) in the shade when it's lovely weather. Spiders and people who don't respect me and my friends. When I embarrassed myself in front of someone I'm interested in.
Beth Isla Going to the beach with friends and family Spiders and attention seekers When a boy I hate kissed me!
Tatiana Libby going to a big shopping mall cats and dogs when I screamed in the dark at a sleepover
Margaret Angel Soccer all the way Bugs in the bathroom. Ew! Telling my best friend the guy I had a crush on and she told a girl and now almost everybody knows. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Cayley Haley, Esteia, Maxine, Selena and Alex Drawing with Alex, reading Summer Camp Secrets, just talking with BFFs. Spiders, bad hair days, math, tests When I fell in our class's recycling bin (the one that you put JUICE BOXES in!)!
Maddison Grace and Millie and Holly listening to music and reading and playing my flute spiders when I fell off stage when playing in a concert on to a boy I liked and then he kissed me coz he liked me
Nadia Ysabelle baking cupcakes and playing soccer and tennis popularity and vulgarity when bird poo fell on my hand
Julia Mia, Fatou, Ellie, Camilla Chatting with my friends in school, reading books, drawing and sketching things and colouring my own pictures. Bugs (spiders, ants) - yuck!! Don't really have anything that TOTALLY embarrassed me.
Luci Kimmy, Temzi, Chelsi and Sara Singdown, camp newspaper, ceramics, arts and crafts and camp socials Nature and wood works Falling on my butt in front of my crush
Nikeisha Lauren Reading and making new friends! Heights! Nothing really!
Chelsea Becky Shopping, hanging out with Becky and reading I hate spiders and SPORTS DAY :( During sports day it was the sack race and I got half way there and fell flat on my face. MAJOR CRINGE!
Khadija Sanaa, Rehana, Zahraa, Zaynab and Hannah Reading, rock-climbing and summer fairs. Spiders, bats and people who jump in your face. People were annoying me in the middle of the night and I told them to shut up and they set their dogs on me!!!!!!!
Elaine Lily and Ciara Singing to my fave songs, painting my nails and of course SHOPPPING!! Bullies and heights. When I fell into a pool on holidays with all my clothes on right in front of this really cute boy!!
Daisy Charlotte Athletics, boys ;), SCS books, America :D Jelly babies :( ...don't want to say... ;)
Chichi Jojo (Joane) drawing (I am told that I am the best artist), eating, sleeping, readin' Summer Camp Secrets!!!! Sleeping alone (I am darkness monophobic) I am too popular to THINK of having an embarrassing moment!!!!
Kathrine (Kat) Lily and Abby hanging out with guys and girls, partying all the time, reading cool books... fighting with friends when my boyfriend proposed to me in front of my friends
Sasha April, Caesy Make-up, the colour red, cute minskirts! The beach - ewwww When I did something really bad and I will never forgive myself... Sorry Stu xxx
Emily Georgina, Chloe and Liz I have loads of fave things!!! People who don't care for animals. :( ??? Don't have one...yet!
Lucy Georgina and Emma Socialising with others via internet and stuff. Irritating people, stuck up snobs and people like that. I was at a Christmas dinner and I wanted to help my mum serve. But earlier someone dropped a wet towel. I was walking back to the table when I slipped on the towel and fell head first into the turkey so I had a turkey covering my head and I couldn't see a thing.