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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Esme Grace and Annabel Nature and going on the computer! When my brother, James, repeats everything he finds funny on's so annoying! When I was in Class 3, my friend had an apple and she was eating it when a maggot came out! She dared me to touch it and I flung it onto our teacher by accident...
Hadley Emma Boys, food, cotton candy Bugs, being scared I was at the doctor and he was checking "down there" and the door flung open! Another doctor thought she and her patient were supposed to be in there!
Kate Honor and Victoria Making new friends like Grace in Summer Camp Secrets Friends fighting and being left out When my friend tickled me in Service and I screamed. Everyone was staring at me and I got sent out.
Lauren Megan Playing video games Insects that fly - ewww! At pioneer centre, my whole year group was gathered around the campfire and we were sitting on tiny log benches and I fell off halfway through a song! Eeek!
Sarah Tiegan Food Getting out of bed!!! Too embarrassing!!!
Nattie Frances Justin Bieber, acting, swimming, cheerleading Being embarrassed My mom was re-tying my two piece at the pool and it fell to my waist everyone in front of me got a full view including some people I knew!
Laura Meg, Fay, Anna, Maya, Ellen, Charlotte, Molly, Bryony, Laura, Neve, etc. To spend time with my bezzies! To make someone upset! I don't have one!
Niamh Brittany and Nishtha Animals and music Spiders and mean girls I've too many!
Sonya My cousin sisters Spending time with my cousin sisters Watching my brother and my cousin brothers wrestle When my brother makes fun of me in public
Jusha Anju Sharing secrets, gossiping, listening to music and having loads of fun together! :) Interference in our friendship, boring speeches and when one of us is absent at school When I accidently dashed a cute boy
Dipti Natashia and Maria My laptop, my cellphone, pendrive, iPod, etc. Something which troubles me a lot Meeting my friends and spending time with them
Sahaane Revathy Sports, chatting with friends, reading Summer Camp Secrets Science class Nothing
Kavya Tshokey Well, too many to list, but - dogs, candy, chocolate, Mafia (it's an awesome game), books (Summer Camp Secrets) and much more :):P Broccoli soup, lizards, cockroaches, all kinds of creepy crawlies!!! :( When I had to wipe the classroom floor with a cleaning cloth as I got permanent color on it so I had to, like, clean it in front of everyone!!! :(
Evie-Lyss Olivia, Kayla, Avery, Amy, Jessie, Mia, Sophie Ballet, piano, Summer Camp Secrets! Anything boring D: I was wearing my fave pumps while walking up the stairs in school. Suddenly, one of my pumps fell off and I had to hold up the whole line while putting my pumps back on!
True Jimmy, Lulu, Ryan Making new designs for Mad Style! Kopleman when he picks his nose. When Jimmy said, "I don't want to go to the prom with you".
Mary Harley, Aoife, Petrina READING SUMMER CAMP SECRETS OF COURSE!! Doing my chores! When I fell over playing tennis!
Gaby Tapa Swimming and sunbathing Getting sunburned, attention seekers, bullies, spiders and getting woken up while sleeping. When I fell and a boy I like came up and put his arm around me to help me up. I was speechless when he asked if I was okay but my best friend said I was in shock.
Zoe Anya, Molly, Abbie, Georgia horse riding, swimming in the sea, writing stories and singing beans, cottage pie, Justin Beiber, JLS when my skinny jeans fell down
Michelle (chichi) Chantellet SLEEPING, drawing and singing bulldogs (they have slimey gunk on their mouths - MAJOR EW!!!) I threw rocks at this other guy I REALLY liked and then found out he wanted to date me
Annie Rebekah Horse riding, shopping, chocolate and hanging out with my friends Tomatoes When I fell over in the school play