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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Ella Can't say, too many Sweets and my BFFs Bullies and drops on rollercoasters One time my mam was at the hairdresser's and she was getting her hair washed and I went over and asked her something but she had moved somewhere else and I was talking to a total stranger. Eh, cringe!
Madison Not saying 'cause I have a lot Reading, writing and being with my friends Maths, spiders and horror movies This really cool guy I was crushing on said awesome bike and I said awesome face and he was like what the?
Charlotte Lauren, Emily, Madelin, Ceri, Caitlin, Lauren Reading Summer Camp Secrets of course, oh and going shopping! Moths and spiders When I was moving a stapler in English, it made this horrible noise and everyone thought I farted! Cringe!!!!
Saarah Aysha Annoying people and being stupid (both are always done). Playing sports and goofing around with my friend Aysha. SPIDERS! Don't even go there. Eeeek I'm so scared of them. Heights. I'm such a baby. I brought my stash of sweets from the shop and as I was walking up the street, I was literally singing like a dying owl. Then I saw a guy laughing at me and recording me. I made him delete it. His new nickname from me is Lame. It's kind of lame to call someone lame but YOLO.
Emma Carla Climbing my gran's oak tree! It's awesome! Snakes! Ahhhh!!!! Falling asleep the moment I was in bed at a sleepover and my friend didn't sleep at all!
Andie Melody, Quan Hui, Juni Music, bed, drawing, playing games Fish, Justin Bieber When my teacher always asked me to read in front of the class -.-
Oiza Bukunmi Chocolate ice cream, movie nights and being lazy. Snakes and loud noises. When I was told off publicly for talking.
Zoe Bethan Reading, Ross County FC and writing Heights, the dark, sports When I forgot the words to the song I was singing in the school talent show
Aniebue Chi-chi Reading stories Dogs Failing a question in class
Chelsea Remi, Eli, John, Brian and Zoey Having medi pedi Cockroaches When I peed my pants in the mall
Treya Gouri and Soumya Playing outdoor games, especially badminton! Maths, maths and maths!!!!!!!!!!!! When a guy I had a crush on was leaving the school and I started crying in front of the whole class! Ugh! How embarrassing.
Ellie Jessica, Becky, Kiera and Charlie Reading, hanging out with friends and family, drawing (I'm an artist) and horse riding I hate SCORPIANS AND TARANTULAS When this boy fell and I was in front and...well I dont want to tell the rest!!!
Cailtin Summer Everything Mushrooms Falling over
Emily Ellie and Anna Sleepovers and hanging out with my mates Boys and freezing cold showers Arguing with my friends on a trip and a teacher overhearing everything
Lexy Imogen Sports, London!!!!!! Double decker buses!!! OMG!!! England, owls, books, Carly Rae Jepson, the colour red!!! Teachers - I'm kinda bad, spiders, spellings, show offs, pink, dresses/skirts, dyed blue hair (no offence if you have blue hair!) On my first day at school when I walked in with my brand new dyed red hair!!!! Everyone stared!!!! EEEEEEEK!!!!
Michelle Claire Horse riding and Summer Camp Secrets Olive and cherries Falling into a swimming pool in front of my crush
Daniella Giulia Reading, swimming, shopping and being on the look out for boys! Mean people and bad hair days. Tripping up on a stage in front of the whole school.
Aysha Saarah Goofing around with my friends and cousins, and also (like Jenna) playing pranks on people. Bullies and Justin Bieber (no offence). When I was messing with my cousin and we both fell on top of each other and went tumbling down the stairs, and ALL of our family were looking at us!!
Gwenno Katia Horses and my cat, Biji Slugs, butterflies, bullies When I went to the bathroom in the night and found out I had a slug on my shoe, I screamed so hard it woke up the whole camp!
Nina Ramya Doing ballet with Gaia, Sarah and Emma Getting sunburned and putting on suncream When I thought Ramya was stuck in the stall and broke all the stall doors!