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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Missy :) Imogen, Sian, Hannah Snoopy, boffle, twilight, red, music, London, hanging out with my BFFs, Summer Camp Secrets, sports (I'm like Alex!!!) Show offs, pink, teachers, spiders, homework, arguments When I died my hair red and went to school, everyone stared at me!!!!
Thiri Su and Khin Hanging out with my best friends and Summer Camp Secrets books Attention seekers When a volley ball hit me on my nose and I cried
Amber Souraya, Hibah and Zahra singing, chatting and being totally random and C.R.A.Z.Y! my phobia from a character in a Disney movie When I told my best friends I had a dream about the new boy in my class and me dancing. They blurted the whole thing out to everyone in my class.
Nupur Shrabuni and Komal Shopping, chilling out with friends, singing and dancing Being bored... A cute boy invited me to his birthday party and my sister said 'You boys don't have cool parties, they are boring'......
Natasha Kirstin Going shopping with my BFFs and canoeing Spiders When I gave my friend a piggy-back then realised my skirt was right up! Hopefully nobody saw!
Sam Taylor Singing, playing the guitar, sports, looking out for cute guys. Worms When my skirt fell off at school, some cute guys saw and they laughed at me.
Evie-Lyss Megan, Ash, Emma, Laura, Zoe, Kim, Ling, Aoife, Orla, Alannah, Clodagh and Caitlin Ballet, piano, art, emus (LOL :D) and SUMMER CAMP SECRETS Bullies, spoil sports I kept sneezing in my art class and everyone kept looking at me @'-'@
Julia Mia, Fatou, Camilla, Zara, Ellie Reading my books in a secret place like under my blanket. Bugs. I hate them. When a boy I liked found out I liked him.
Jenna Nat Gummi bears Grass and deer Picking my nose on stage! ;D
Bethany Philippa and Chloe Reading, reading and more reading! When I love a book but there are no more in the series that I haven't read! I slipped in school and all the boys were behind me and my skirt lifted up!
Beth I have lots, I can't choose between them! Sports like hockey and swimming. I also like music, especially listening to it. Heights. I hate them, however I am beginning to become ok with them. I can't remember any off the top of my head but I know there is!
Maia Georgia, Katie, Kyanna, Jorden, Bethany, Kenzie, Daniella, Jasminda, Megan, Fariha, Nhima, Bethany, Olivia Dancing, dodge-ball, shopping, channel surfing, Summer Camp Secrets, chilling, playing Wii Bullies, the dark My life
Ashley Jennifer, Bailey, Annette, Michelle, Tiffany Reading, hanging out with my friends, camping Bugs, insects Secret
Chelsea Robyn, Allyssa and Collette Having sleepovers Horrors When I couldn't stop crying when I saw Molly's (enemy) head bleeding everywhere on my awesome sleepover. Major cringe, this was last night.
Prerna Ritika (Ritz) and Riya Hanging out with a whole bunch of my friends, participating in all kinds of sports and activities, playing pranks. When someone is awkward when they see you and when things just get wrecked up, and of course some green vegetables. Nothing!!!!!!! After all, things can always get worse than what happens to us!!
Ella Abby and Leah My monster high doll collection Flies I was walking down town with my family and I thought I saw my friend. I started screaming her name and ran up and tapped her shoulder. It turned out to be a total stranger! Cringe worthy!!!
Hannah Vaidehi Having fun and meeting up with my friends! Snakes! I don't have one!
Tofunmi Molly Hanging with my BFF SPIDERS When I peed my pants
Lucia :) Andrea Playing the piano, harp, cornet, tin whistle, piano accordian or button accordian, drawing, playing pranks. People pranking me!!!! When my sister scared me and I jumped. Everyone laughed :(
Siofra Leonie, Eva, Ella, Alex, Ella and Caitlin Reading, acting, dancing, singing, chatting to my friends and Top of the Pops magazine Bullies, fighting, bad movies, bad friends, sneaks, cowards Once I was going to school and I wore shorts but then it poured with rain and I got absolutely SOAKED