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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Jen Melody, Quan, Jin and Juni My laptop and books, KFC, Tumblr and more! Cockroaches! When this guy in my class threw a fake rubber cockroach at me and I yelled out loud in front of my class
Nicole Marcy, Murnie, Farzana, Shahira and Kanyarat Going out, swimming, playing on the computer, watching TV, reading and my dog, Bella My enemy, my sister, school and my teacher Once I was at the mall with my mom, and I thought a man was my mom and I held his hand
Khushi Linh Chi Cycling and dancing Enemies I was 5 when my friend threw me a ball and when I went to catch it, my skirt fell down!
Lauren Ally, Chloe, Meredith, Megan and Emma Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing all of the way. Designer clothes, fashion, anything pink, my 3 mini chihuahuas Cheap make-up, non designer clothes, missing my dance classes When I received my platinum advanced dance grade award and my friend was so happy she ran on stage.
Bhargavi Shivangi, Anshuka and Disha I like to chat with my friends in my free time and also painting and surfing the internet to search for different styles of nail art. I hate sitting alone and studying. I hate boredom and going to school when my friends are not coming. Don't have anything yet!!!
Maddie Rheanna, Chloe, Martha Chocolate, the TV show Miranda, pantomimes, summer holidays Bullies, my brother attacking me, arguing with my friends Puking on a random lady at the cinema!
Saffiyah Mishka I love to hang out with my friends and read Summer Camp Secrets If someone gossips about me When I farted in front of someone
Sisipho Darian, Maxine, Asheeqah and Caitlyn Reading all the Summer Camp Secrets books, listening to music, cooking and going shopping in Paris and New York and, of course, South Africa. Snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies. Making mistakes in front of the class and pronouncing Afrikaans words wrong haha!
Kirsty Courtney Dancing because it's fun and it's like exercise xxx Spiders, mushrooms and lots more! When I was in a van and there was a spider right in front of me and I freaked out
Treya Soumya, Gouri Playing soccer, chilling out in the swimming pool with my friends, animals, playing with my pet dog Bouncer People arguing When I sprained my ankle during soccer and lost the game
Rebecca Chloe Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino, hockey, reading, CHOCOLATE and everything sugary SPIDERS, horror movies, insects, cold showers My friend told this fit man that I fancied him, but he said he was married
Eiemar Katelyn Horse riding and hanging out with my best friends Having fights When someone walked in on me while I was in the bathroom
Harriet Becky Swimming Snakes I told my friend a secret and my enemy overheard it
Sarah Tia and Shakia Chocolate and shopping or getting things for myself. SNAKES!!!! And ketchup. In reception I really needed the toilet but I was on the computer and I was playing a game. I really wanted to finish my game and in the end I peed myself and blamed it on the girl next to me who had an orange drink and said she dropped her juice.
Adam Patrick Video games FOREVER!!! HOMEWORK!!! Going outside naked when I was younger!! So embarrassing!!
Maddie Claire Going on shoping sprees with my best mates! And having great sleepovers, doing the best things like painting our nails and watching scary movies!!!!! SPIDERS all the way! When I was at school and I had to wear my bigger Miss Sexy trousers because my others were in the wash. When I was going to pull them up the people behind me started to laugh because they saw my bum!!!!
Sophie Claire and Bianca Horses, seals, horse riding and swimming Being bullied Being scared of the water being too deep when it was only up to my waist
Madison 2:( I'm a nerd Monster High and books Anything creepy except for MH! My crush saw my pants
Ritu Avery, Vedika Dancing, Summer Camp Secrets, dogs, soccer, art Peas and believe it or not... peanut butter! :O Not telling!
Madison :) Two best friends :( Reading Movies, spiders, maths and rollercoasters When my friend told my best friend I had a crush on him