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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Louise Rosabella, Olivia, Mollie and Megan Summer Camp Secrets, going camping, anoying teachers Bullies, people tickling me and people being unfair When a girl I trusted told the whole class which boy I liked.
Maleeka Kyle Hanging with the boys, doing some flips and playing video games Girly-girls, gossip, chicken noodles, backstabbers Kyle and I went for a birthday where I was dared to drink TWENTY cups of orange juice and I peed on my pants!
Ayesha Hamnah, Batul, Manahil Singing, dancing and drawing Bullies, people making fun of me, when I answer a question wrong in front of my teacher When people make fun of me and say bad things behind my back
Noor Zara, Lamya, Iman, Ali and Reza Drawing and sports,especially running Heights, having fights with my friends Was when I was playing soccer and I tripped over the ball and scraped my knee
Kaytlin Lauren Shopping and makeup Insect bites because they make you scratch! Ouch!!! When I walked outside in my pyjamas
Alexis Aquila Dancing, singing and chillin with my bff I am scared of high heights I was playing a game during break when I tripped and my skirt flew, and my boxers showed. Even worse, there was a guy there
Belle Lukhanyo and Bolu Kicking back and relaxing to junk food and TV Peeople who are annoying Noticing my skirt was up and the cutest boy was staring
Fida Rida (I've not known her for a long time now) and Shahana (classmate) Also Raya - THE BEST COUSIN AND BFF Collections of books, dresses and stuff... Also to have a pet TIGER I hate insects, fruits, veggies and people who ignore me Once I crushed a boy when I was young and I told him last year and we both became together. But he cheated on me and then another boy seemed to have a crush on me. So I became ready to be his 5th girl but it turned out that he already had a new girl and he never crushed me... BAD LUCK :'(
Esha David (I've known him since I was born) and Sam (he taught me how to play pranks in 1st grade) Music, arts, playing pranks, hanging around with Dave and Sam, sports and my cute new bag which says "born for music" When S and D play pranks on me, and mean and rude people who don't know how to talk to others, plus CATS!!! When me, David and Sam were invited to our enemy's party and she sent us back in front of everyone, and when we three were doing a chemistry practical and we accidently put something wrong and there was a burst in the classroom and we had to stand all day at the principal's office appologizing to the teacher who was so scared that she fell from her chair
Paige Shauna Music, boys Spiders and school Lost my mum in a tiny shop
Breanna Tawana, Lola, Leah, Morgan, Millie, Jasmine Shopping, fashion, singing, dancing, make overs, gossip, magazines Spiders, snakes, rude people, bullies, people who don't like me the way I am When I was doing my class play and I was so desperate for the toilet that I peed myself
Fathima Shamaylah MY ENTIRE FAMILY Horror movies and sappy stories Tripping and getting hurt really bad in front of my cousin!
Imani :) Aiswarya, Sophie and Natalia My blue hoodie, sneakers and hanging out with my best friends and Scouts. I have always wanted to meet Bear Grylls. Mean girls, bullies and people who backbite about you Running straight into a girl when I was playing rounders at school and knocking her to the ground! Oops! :)
Charlie Katie and Hannah SUMMER CAMP SECRETS, books, chocolate and Scouts The people who think I'm babyish at school When I hid under a pillow, some boy jumped on top of me, the pillow slipped out and someone burst in, the person on top of me fell off the sofa and smacked his head on the table! whoops!!!!!
Rida Vidhi Reading books!!! I hate bossy poeple None
Jamie Michelle, Xykoorah, Skylar, Ashleigh Music, art, film making, fashion,friends Rude people, bugs, boring stuff Running when a cute boy saw me, and falling and splitting my pants. Ouch!
Emma Alice Spending time with Jared and nail varnish Being told my idea isn't right When quite a lot of people at school found out that Jared was my boyfriend
Lily Stephanie, Kylie, Jamie (Ellie), Nisha (LUCY) WRITING probably though I like reading too Sand or dirt in my shoes or on my feet I don't have any
Hanna Ashley, Arlene and Bianca Singing and reading summer camp secrets Spiders they are so creepy When I mistaken my friend to someone else
Charlotte Kirsty and Rose Gymnastics Bullies When I accidently did a burp in the middle of a maths game - and it was my turn to say the answer to the sum!!