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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Rachel Ella Reading Spiders My friend shouting in my play
Lucy Nina Gymnastics, my pet rabbits, watching The Big Bang Theory, watching Friends, reading, shopping and doing my nails!! Birds, they really scare me!! When I was talking about how I fancied this boy and he was standing right behind me!!!
Ariel Joline Doing gymnastics Disgusting animals When my brothers embarrass me
Nisa Ayu, Jaymee, Deeanna, Alethea, Yee Xuan Moshi Monsters books and cards and books Insects and annoying brothers When my teacher gave me a warning in front of my crush
Quanita Aqeefah Singing, dancing and meeting new people I hate cats and spiders When I fell in front of my friends
Debopriya Visalakshi and Anuska Chatting with Visa on my cell, talking to Anuska, stand up comedy, playing pranks Studying science When I fell on the track while running and my crush laughed at me!!!
Chelsea Becky, Millie, Amie Hanging out and doing awesome dares with my best friends Spiders When Millie and I used our acting skills to pretend we both had a major crush on a boy called Josh when we were filming for acting. Whenever he talked we would fan our faces and all the other boys made smoochy faces at Josh. Embarrassing but fun!
Laura Ciara and Laura When my friends give me chocolate I go crazy, but it's kind of embarrassing because I hugged this guy in the class below me trying to be funny and he thinks I'm his girlfriend now! People that show off When I was in hospital I had a tube in my arm and when my parents left I got up and disconnected it and blood was going down my arm and I panicked
Keely-Ann Charlotte, Marisa Hanging out with my BFFs and my BF Spiders When I fell backwards off my chair because I had sprouts on my plate!!!! Eeeeew!
Yahleetah Chiara and Maddy Summer Camp Secrets!!!! I hate olives When I went to America and I pooed my pants!!!!
Sian Jack Summer Camp Secrets! Loneliness Being silly and knocking myself out
Shani Kate Doing gymnastics! Annoying people Getting licked by a giraffe! Uck!
Aasiyah Aaisha Snakes and drawing with pencils Dogs When I was dancing and I fell off the stage, breaking my arm!
Maddie Dylan and Bethan, that's all, I'm a nerd Summer Camp Secrets, my sister, The Vampire Diaries, Night World (all books), Monster High, Novi Stars and Bratzillas and football Tests, horrors, books that have a lousy ending and tteeeerrriiiibbblee friends 1) telling my friend that I had a crush on Dylan and she told him, 2) screaming my head off when I saw a spider when I'm not scared of them, 3) mannnnyyy more
Hannah x Tina Performing, fashion and Celebrity Juice Bullies When someone told our 70 year old caretaker I fancied him when she did!!!! I left a school in year three and I am still in touch with my BFF, but my best friend from my new school told my old BFF that I fancied a boy from my old school. Now I will be teased ever after!!!!!:(:)
Jade Nahila Going to the mall with my friends Attention seekers I wrote a letter to a boy saying I love him but my friends kind of told him but he was okay with it and we became gf and bf
Mishka Saffiyah I love hanging out with my friends and reading Summer Camp Secrets. Saffiyah and I live in Cape Town. When girls gossip about me. When I fall or fart in front of my friends.
Deeba Nurul, Jannah Talking about cute guys at school Pigs and devils Don't have one
Nisa Afiqah and Priya Summer Camp Secrets, my piano book Spiders, smoke fumes Talking in front of the whole student body
Chelzzy No one at the moment but my BBFIH (best friend 4eva in heart) is Fadzai Chocolate, reading, swimming, dancing, singing, ART AND DRAWING Stuck up snobs and the dark Staring into my crush's eyes for more than 10 seconds. EEEEEEPPPPPP!!