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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Khadija Sanaa, Zahraa, Rehana and Zaynab My new backpack!!!!!!!! Soooooooo Cute! School :( When I sneezed on my hand at my new school.
Erin Abigail Dancing! Being judged before people get to know me Well, I was in a clothes shop, I was going to buy these trousers but I totally forgot and walked out with them and so the alarm went off. Whoops!
Jannah Zoe and Fiona I love books, TV, writing, playing on the comp and many more :P I hate SPIDERS. They have too many legs. Eugh When I played rounders and I made it to the last stop and fell - then I lost. :/
Grace Hannah Sports, drama, making my friends laugh, Summer Camp Secrets books!!! Reading... Painting - I love my paintbox ;) The girl that tried to steal my best friend... I'm sorry to say this but she's really mean :/ When I played badly in a tennis tournament and my team lost... Because of me!
Manasvinei Sharanya, Hariha, Arshiyan, Mythri, Bhoomika Hanging out with my friends/ cousins, listening to music, singing, dancing with Bhoomika. Making cakes and eating of course. Heights and my cousins when they act in a weird way My most embarrassing moment was when I was in kindergarden and I had to run a race for sports day and in the middle instead of going to the finish line I went to my dad. OMG the whole school laughed on that plus I fainted so I didn't know what had happened.
JR Jasmine Horse riding, doing yoga, peace and quiet, swimming, arts and crafts, enivironment and animals, books and reading and also researching on the computer Getting annoyed by my brother, kissing, war, bullies, people who are not concerned about the enivironment or nature, people who do not listen When my brother annoys me it is very embrassing, otherwise nothing more
Georgia Katie, Charlotte, Evie and Lauren The performing arts! I love performing, it's my life! Mean people who just say things for no reason When I was doing the talent show at school, I messed up my song on the piano!
Khushi Selena, Chelsea Playing in the field Spiders. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Farting at a family gathering, losing a football match and spraining my ankle
Ella Genevieve Nail polish and sleepovers also roller blading Attention seekers I told my friends about a boy I had a crush on and they told the boy! CRINGE!
Selena Alice, Celeste and Molly My cat (his name is Olly and he's sooo sweet!), reading, writing songs with my BFFs, playing Boys, homework, getting into trouble When I was talking to my best friend Alice in math, and thought she couldn't hear me. I accidentally yelled (for the whole class to hear) her crush's name! And he heard me - eek!!
Nia Annabel, Taiwo and Kenny One Direction, The Wanted and laughing with my friends Rude people I was walking towards my friends and I passed a boy on the way to our seats and I accidently kicked him! He said 'excuse me' and I thought he was trying to say 'hi'!
Annabel Taiwo, Kenny, Nia, Ruqiya One Direction and food lol Spiders I farted in English when it was really silent and my friend looked at me immediately and asked if I farted and I said no in a very suspicious way lol xx
Kenny Annabel, Nia, Taiwo (my twin) Books, music, sports, pizza, my best friends JUSTIN BIEBER!!! I was gonna give my twin sister a kiss and I actually kissed my best friend on the cheek and I was called names for the day.
Taiwo Annabel and Nia Art, music and sports People not getting along Crying in art class when everyone was fighting and someone spilled red paint all over my work.
Katie Isabel Having sleepovers Backchatting and bullies I was trying to act cool in front of my crush, but I tripped over and my crush laughed his head off!
Trixie Myo Chocolate Frogs When my friends said I was crushing on someone
Katie Isabel My guinea pigs Star and Sparkle Bullies and show offs When me and Isabel were doing bunny ears on her brother Lucas and he turned round and saw us!
Grainne Maeve, Sophie and Kate Animals and horse riding Mushrooms At school I spilt water on my trousers and it looked like I had weed my pants!
Taylor Hailey, Hannah and Carly Moving schools and hanging with my friends, listening to music and most of all surfing People bullying me and being the friendless new girl I was walking and talking to my mates Tyler and Cam who I had a crush on and I wasn't looking and I walked into a post and everyone was laughing including them
Megan Emily, Kitty, Morgan, Tia, Amy, Emily H, Molly, Yar-ting SUGAR Spiders and people saying stuff behind my back Once when I was 5 or 6 I was at a restaurant and had a big bowl of soup. I had some chopsticks and I was going to eat the soup with it but the bowl tipped over and spilt all over me. :( SO EMBARRASSING