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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Hadassah Leah, Tiffany and Danita Doing my nails, shopping and hanging out with my friends! I hate doing HOMEWORK My most embarrassing moment was when Danita and I where doing a dance at school for our talent show and the cd scratched in front of the whole school!
Gloria Kiertheha Sports I hate it when my friends come and talk to me about boys!!!! When boys make fun out me in front of my friends
Erin Jessica, Adrianna and Niamh Hanging out with my friends Snakes, spiders and being bullied Everybody finding out my secret, but the boys were helpful
Nikita Chelsea Sports Anything that crawls. Worms especially When my arch enemy caught me talking to myself in front of the mirror and telling my crush I had psycho problems
Jenna Dylan(my crush) Bethen and Molly my bpff Reading, school, writing, math, calculating the volume of a cone Teachers giving u lousy home work,and being teased that I'm a geek and a nerd. I like being these things but not being teased Well I have a lot - my most embarrassing thing is I went to the loo but there was my crush in the bathroom and I said "hey you're in the girls' bathroom" so he laughed and said "no this is the boys' bathroom now, did no one tell you?". I was so embarrassed (and desperate for the loo) I peed my pants. Luckily my bffs were there to help me. Even though that was a year ago people still tease me
Anthea Gracia To hang out, go crazy and mostly party everyday When people laugh at you, insects I hate the most, no matter what type When a boy keeps on looking at you
Justina Chloe and Alexandra Speedskating and going to U of C and U of A for track and field meets. I also love school. Small spaces During summer camp one year I was so tired I walked right through the boys dorm into their bathroom. Everyone started sceaming.
Tolu Isabelle, Olivia and Ella Shopping, make up and sports - especially running Rude people, heights and insects When I was about to sneeze and came out with this really weird sound in the middle of a maths lesson! Cringe
Robyn Aloka and Jamie-lee Reading, reading, reading! Spiders, bugs and little brothers Haven't got one
Khushi Diane Basketball and football Lizards - eewww Farting at a family gathering!!!!!
Chloe Tiffany, joy,holly, makenna, Jenna, Ella Going to the beach Sunburn My bikini top fell off at the water park!
Iona Louise To hang out and gossip about stuff with Louise while lounging on our beds OR playing with our build a bears together!!! People deliberately doing something they know annoys you and doing it over and over again. Grrrrrrr!!! Having to be rescued from a high ropes course when I was too scared to move. AND it was in front of my parents!!!
Maddy Hannah, imi, Sian Sleepovers, netball, swimming, reading cool books, doing henna with imi, holidays with my friends, vw camper vans, summer camp secret books, red hair Spiders, annoying brothers, a boring book, pink stuff, bullies, being laughed at, green hair I had a nightmare and I told my friend and she told everyone - it was a seriously lame dream but scary
Alice I have tons. Hanging out with my friends, secrets and horses, dolphins and dogs and of course puppies!! Brothers and insects, snakes!!! When all of my friends and me had a crush on one boy!
Katie Isabella, Georgia, Ayeesha, Izzy, Olivia and Charlotte Having sleepovers, my stage school, watching myself on TV, (LOL) having fun! Bullying, being left out I was desperate for the toilet and I ran out of the room mega fast and everyone laughed
Maddy Lauren, Bella, Niamh, Viraya and Hannah The beach holidays, sausages Rain and snow Don't have one
Tina Kylie SOCCER!!! Brussel sprouts When I wet my pants at school... In the snow! All my friends still mock me.
Natasha Olivia, Tharni and Amy C My build a bear Aimee A I fell of a flying fox
Kate Ava, Lauren and Lily Horse riding and art! Pink, skirts and dresses. And Heights!!! When I went absailing on a school trip and didn't stop shaking till half an hour afterwards!
Olivia Natasha ,Tharni and Amy C Arts and crafts, my boyfriend Rhys and making my friends laugh :D Having to write lots, Aimee A and seeing my friends sad :( Singing the wrong words at the O2 arena in a young voices concert. Oops. :o