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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Rosie Kimberley, Wendy, George and Ethan Nothing can beat chatting and joking around around with your friends. I much prefer hanging out with boys, but girls are okay! Creepy bugs and insects. Oh and don't forget spiders. Ewwww! My teacher found out the person I was crushing on and told everyone!
Benedicta Lesley Drama and writing in my journal Backbiting When I was supposed to meet someone I did not know and yelled at her before I realized she was the one I was supposed to meet
Olivia Millie, Amelia, Florence and Sky My friends and minecraft Dog poo! When I was little, my brother's best friend's older brother (who is one year younger than me) used to call me a princess.
Laurelle Melanie Sometimes reading books, dancing, acting and mostly singing I hate snakes, friends ignoring me and hating me and the one I hate most of all things is MATTTTTHHHSSSSSSSSS When I peed in my pants in 5th class, and the teacher calling out my name and asking me a question that I don't know
Sakura Georgie (actually Georgina but hates her name!) Netball, singing, watching an awesome movie with popcorn Snakes!!! Really gross... And not going shopping for ages! We scored a goal in netball and I shouted "woooohoooo" really loud and I realized everyone was just looking at me!
Pearl Steph and Michelle Having popcorn and icecream, hanging out with friends and talking to myself (weird) Getting yelled at and missing people I love Getting pecked by my cousin
Shabneez Aisha and Yashika Reading and watching tv Getting beaten and scolded by teachers Addressing the school assembly and making errors in public
Janfrances Clare and Adora Sleepovers with my bf Drugs The day I missed my aunt's wedding
Mariya Alicia Acting silly and crazy Sprouts and needles When I hit (face first) onto the ground on a small flying fox indoors
Skye Taryn Books Scary stuff Nothing so far
Risha Khushi and Ivana Reading and music Cleaning up When I cut my hair really short and went for a vacation
Eleni Ashlee Manicures and hanging out with my cool friends Smudging nail polish all over and I hate bugs When I was trying to flirt with a boy and then I fell in a puddle of muddy water
Sarah Vanshika Cute stationery Bossy people When I called my teacher at school 'mom' instead of 'ma'am'. Totally cringey!!
Maryam Blessing Novels Dog When a guy walked up to me
Skye Ayeesha Having great fun! LOL :) Being sad and nobody cheering me up :( Not really sure...
Clarissa Nikita, Clarice, Shania and Heini Chillin' out with my BFFs - they rock! Vanilla frappuccinos, curled up reading a good book Bugs and blood - eww! I've been crushing on my BFFs boyfriend forever, and one time we kissed when we thought she wasn't looking.
Greta Lottie Dogs, cats, hamsters, cotton candy, pizza, Australia, school, best friends Bullies, centipedes and cockroaches When I was at my friend's birthday party and we were playing with her chickens and one chicken pooped all over me
Ziona Nahila and Gen Going bowling and hanging out with my friends Attention seekers When I told my friends I had a crush on a boy and they went to tell HIM
Ivy Georgina, Nat, Alex and Priya Music (especially Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne, cold coffee with whipped cream and COOKING! SPIDERS!!! EWWW!!! When I accidentaly spilt cold coffee on a guy's white tee! Cringe!!
Doris Gabrielle Hanging out and sports Bullies When I fell off the trampoline when my family was watching