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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Grace Elise, Kenzie, Prianka Eating hamburgers Spiders(any kind of bug), juice I pooped in my pants when I was 8 and desperate.
Wasifa Roshni Reading books and playing computer games, also hanging out with friends Being told what to do and what not to do I told my friends a girl had played prank on me but it turned out she hadn't
Deena Hamdha One Direction, converse shoes, chocolates, ipad, reading books, using facebook and twitter, hanging out with friends School, working, being sick, heartbroken and not talking to my friends. And if I miss my favrte show/movie. I was dancing like an idiot in the kitchen and my brother was like R U CRAZY?? It was really embarrasing :0
Zoe Ellie Reading Summer Camp Secrets and going horse riding - especially jumping! Tests at school... When I did a poo in my knickers - I was only 6 though...
Siri Bonnie Acting, singing and dancing Spiders When I did the wrong move in dancing and everyone laughed
Blossom Vivie My mousetrap prom dress :D Spiders!! Dancing at a party, and not realising that my bra was on show.
Amanda Anabel Manicures, pedicures, hanging out with my friends, hearing songs on my i-pod Spiders, small spaces, thorns and casserole (ugh!) After my history exam, I fell face first in front of my teacher when walking to her to submit the paper :-D
Jesse Laura Reading Summer Camp Secrets books Asking teachers things - arggghhhh!!!!!!! When I'm the best at ballet and I have to demonstrate to everybody!
Vicky Indya Football, drama, singing, swimming, boys, best friends Bullies, liars When I fell down in front of my whole school in assembly
Dani Vanessa Storybooks Flies and heat When I had to pray in front of the whole sunday school kids
Jasmine Alice and Cara Dogs and Summer Camp Secrets, just my luck A boy in my class When my dad lifts up my arm and shouts JASMINE in public
Sian Hannah p and Hannah k (I know 2 Hannahs) Drama Spiders My brothers always tell my friends embarrassing family secrets
Anamika Himansi Reading books, daydreaming Being questioned about things I don't wanna answer and getting left behind. When I fall down while laughing.
Phoebe Freya Playing music and spots Bulling and old cartoons (they're so creepy!) Going and holding this random guy's hand when I thought is was my dads!
Sapphire Grace Swimming, singing, sleeping, chilling and summer school. Washing dishes If someone tells my crush I like him - his name is Peter.
Lauren Sarah and Olivia ONE DIRECTION Spiders and disgusting boys When I peed my pants but I was only 5
Lauren Sarah and Olivia ONE DIRECTION Spiders and disgusting boys When I peed my pants but I was only 5
Kanyinsola Mariah Dancing I hate to jog When I fell on my roller skate while skating in front of everyone
Ellie Sophie, Molly and Freya Ballet, chatting, shopping, boys and chocolate Snakes When I showed my friends a picture of me and my boyfriend when we were younger. Then they showed the whole class, even teachers!
Bluethorns Diti Books Sister None