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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Olivia Lorna, Karolina, Saffron, Chloe, Maya Listening to Jane Mcdonald and The Saturdays Homework Walking into a lamp post
Isabella Carter, Renee and Ariah Going back to Arizona, sleeping, eating, being with my friends watching the skyline of Manhattan at night Liars, insects snakes small spaces When my friends set me up with this boy and he didn't come
Novia Sin, Mon, Yu, Meagan, Thardar and Nang Acting Nasty compliments When I made a mistake in my presentation.
Hadassah Lia, Kiara, Mckenzie, Sophia, Nikita and Tiffany Doing my nails, shopping, watching movies and spending time with my friends Homework I tripped on the soccer field and fell on top of the boy I have a crush on
Rosie Olivya and Aanya Sports definitely! Bullies When I sat down in the car and realised that it had hot chocolate all over it. It looked like I had pooed myself! EEEEK!
Hanani Nessa Reading and drawing :) Maths, haters and... oh yeah! - my bruv When I had this dream and Nessa was in my dream, making a promise. I didn't realize it was really a dream. The next day I said to Ness, "Do you really mean it?" and she was like, "What?" then I started a fight. When I realized I was wrong, I still kept arguing with her until she gave up.
Nova Jolin, Kit Wan, Charlene, Hui Xin, Vainavi, Prinavi, Tvaritha, Uvashree Playing and reading Fighting with my friends and maths When my teacher had to call my parents in front of my classmates.
Babi Gloria Reading, writing, art, surfing the web, talking to my friends, pineapples (yum!!) lettuce 1d, colouring, rude people, burps, lollipops, boys, maths, custard, cucumber, cabbage, people in my Sunday class (lots more stuff but I can't type the negative, sorry) Doing a strange dance and my whole Sunday class came to watch, got a good nack at it too!! (I loathe them!!)
Siofra Leonie, Finno, Adam, Finn, Eva, Ben Acting, singing, dancing, laughing, talking, shopping SPIDERS!:( 3 years ago, my bbfs were at my house. We were just chatting when my trousers just dropped right down! It was sooo embarassing, and they told EVERYONE at school. They still embarrass me by bringing up all the time!
Nessa Savannah, Alya, Ashley and Izzie Writing and drawing in my diary ENEMIES (of course!), embarrassing moments and my brother When my aunt (ANYBODY!!!) reads my diary! At least the things I wrote are not even true...
Jennifer Angel Parties, acting, singing, dancing, reading, talking Spiders, haters, bad friends The day someone (a guy) dragged my hair and I fell on the floor
Snehal Neha Being CRAZY and on the phone Summer A NOTHING!!!
Emily Nicole, Ginger, Albiona, Lexi, Alex, Joey Music, being vegetarian, books, old movies, my hamster, my dog, frozen yogurt, my mother, my brother, humble people, mashed potatoes, random facts, staying strong, singing, playing saxophone People who can't accept my weirdness, fake friends, bullies, judgemental people, people who say vegetarianism is stupid My college-aged brother, who is majoring in film, brought over a film crew to make a short film about Hurricane Sandy - I was about to go out with them because I had to be in the film. In the bathroom, before heading out, one boy walked in on me!
Miranda Anabel Shopping with my best friends Spiders When I lost my voice in a singing audition
Hannah Tayla, Becca, Amber, Abbey, Meghan, Ellie, Mia, Amy Makeovers, dancing, singing, acting, like Natalie and Brynn! Spiders, liars, people who are mean, bullies When I went on a school trip in year 6 I screamed on an obstacle course because the instructor said it was 'squirrel wee' when it was him running around with a bottle of water
Jemima Dylan, Freddie, Alex, Ben, Alessio and Bethan Playing football with my buds, reading or having fun, orrrrrrrrr being goofy Spoilers, big headed people, and lies We played a match against other schools when I was 9 and at half time I went to the loo and every single toilet was taken, so I didn't get to do my bizzo. Later I was about to score the winning goal then I all of a sudden I wet my pants. Everyone laughed but not my buddies and I went mega mega red like a baboon's butt! CRINGEO
Nancy Lauren Cooking healthy food! The wind When a cute guy smiled at me and I found out it was because I had pasta sauce around my mouth.
Athiyah Zahrah Doing weird dares and having sleepovers Rude people When I was doing a play and my zipper broke and my pants fell down in front of 75 people!
Meredith Amy, Heather, Ingrid, Bethany, Alex and Beatrice One Direction, my dogs, food Spiders, needles, insects, heights, birds and dirt Throwing up in front of my whole class when I was 11.
Ananya Anshula, Aaloka, Divya, Rachel Eating, playing pranks, talking, reading, playing guitar, sports, chocolate, etc Fighting, SCHOOL FOOD, getting bored, being idle, etc Once I slept in Hindi class!!!