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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Lauren Laura and Amelia My Summer Camp Secrets collection and my John Terry signed book. Not being able to talk. When I screamed at the top of my voice in the playground and everyone stared at me
Jenny Frankie Doing makeovers Getting worked up Being dumped by my BF:-(
Mia Milla, Abigail, Ceri and Bryony Swimming, reading, acting and athletics People using and then dumping you, and cheats. In Year 3, we had to go on a school trip to a Roman Museum, and I got really scared of the guys dressed up as soldiers!
Frankie Grace Running - just sports all the way! Wasps - I've been stung by one I went to a sporting event then it came to the running race and I pulled a weird face and it was in the news paper!
Nova Eveena, Sonia Reading Summer Camp Secrets books, gossiping about latest celebrities, watching movies Studies Getting scolded by my teacher
Bethan Amy, Katie, Shalom and Imogine Netball, eating chocolate, and shopping for shoes with my besties. Maths, snakes and horror movies! Had toilet roll in my shoe!
Arianna Tilly, Silvia, Chanty Reading, dressing up, sewing Waking up in the morning, homework When I forgot my lines on stage
Koyel Ashma Mobile, ear phones, pen drive, wrist watch, Kajal, story books, volleyball, ice-cream, fluffy-hairy-baby animals, shopping Sun tanning, insects, getting scolded and not getting credit and appreciated for something I did correctly or trying for the first time. When I actually mean to say or do something else and it turns into something else.
Sammantha Kayla and Sarah Basketball! Mosquito bites!! They are the worst I have a severe habit of falling, and during a game of capture the flag, I fell flat on my face in front of my entire class and other schools!
Katie Sarah Skiing and CCF My little sister Having the chair pulled out from under me by a guy I had a crush on.
Amy Lauren Spending money and being with Lauren. Spiders and daddy long legs Embarrassing myself in front of a boy
Moya Cora and Catherine Shopping and hanging out with my BFFs. Bullies and people who think they're better than others. Having to be saved by a lifeguard at my local swimming pool.
Mirianna My twin, Miranda Swimming and being with my sister! Orange leaves. Autumn is so horrible! In Art, we had to draw leaves. The teacher had a pile of orange and red leaves in the middle of the table. I totally freaked out, omg!!!
Santhiya Pavithra Summer Camp Secret books! and plus I love makeovers! Singing!!! BUGS!!! and fish 'n' chips! A bird peeing on my beautiful hair...
Annie Stephanie Having my 'chillaxed moment' Spiders When I say something that does not make sense and people start to stare at me weirdly
Mashal I have tons but my top two are Vilma and Cornelia Going to the waterpark with my BFFs and hanging around with my crush. And sweet stuff. I have a HUGE sweet tooth but I'm such a jock that I stay slim like Jenna. Homework, snakes and spiders. And not being able to get out of the house. Being bored. When my crush asked my who I like.
Grainne Maeve Reading and playing with Rocky, my dog Spiders and sharks Don't have one
Sarah Diane Parties Feeling lonely Forgetting what to say when saying a speech on stage in front of too many people
Maria Chloe and Eabha My first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Askaban Snobs Running to get my bag when the bus came on a school trip - on a wet day - and slipping and making me and my best friend fall
Dani Carolyn Reading and browsing Food When I was asked to answer a question in front of the whole class