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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Kate Priya and Ciara Reading and sports Huge spiders! When my started saying things about me when I was a baby to my friends!
Lucy Jessica and Jenny Drawing, make-up, and dancing! Liars n cheaters When I got my pants wet because I sat on a puddle!
Fiyin Omoye, Uto and Daniella My summer camp secrets collection and my cute cheetah print gown that drapes at the back Liars and my swimsuit When I was so pressed that I peed on myself while running to the toilet.
Laura Angela and Luyi My stuffed toys and playing with animals. Doing homework and my bro. My friends laughing at me!
Raagavi Aimee, Jessica, Hannah My best mates and reading summer camp secret for as long as I like and doing art. Snakes, horror mivies When I accidentally got my part wrong for my first ever school production.
Mollie Orla My friends - they totally rock Spiders and not being able to talk to someone about a secret Needing to go to the toilet in reception and not asking and then ending up wetting myself
Megan Hannelie Reading and sports People crying (or something else)to get attention When I had to ask (in front of my class) my teacher if I could have extra lessons in maths. (I am a very clever person)
Naphisa Anne, Imani, and Anya Crocheting, reading, surfing the net, talking to friends Arguing, embarrasing myself, being bossed and bullied around When I got in trouble for no reson, when I fell flat on my face in front of ten people that I did not even know
Holly Holly My teddy My sister When I was in town and listening to my ipod through earplugs and walked straight into a lampost and everyone was watching!
Emily Lydia and Aleena Reading Summer Camp Secrets ICT - learning about electronics... YAWN! Freaking out when I found out my crush likes me too
Amanda Anita Singing, dancing, reading Summer Camp Secrets, taking photos, make overs and blogging Lying, pretence, annoying people and dirty things Farting in public, having a bad smell and getting a low score in a classwork
Eugenia Kim, Susmetha, Xin Ying I love sports I hate maths Nothing
Ololo Eniayo Eating icecream and cracking jokes Horror movies and snakes When the cook accidentally spilled soup on me
Jane Katie, Edel and Emer Books! I love reading Homework and my teacher I was in the shop and I farted! Cringe!
Karen Akshata, Parthak and Charan My secret diary, I love freaking out with friends, my guitar and my camps. Milk products and teasing The time when I got to know about my birthday present which was a big teddy bear from my brothers and sisters
Tolu Ella, Izzy, Olivia and Tammy Drama, sports and going bowling and the cinema Roller coasters, dogs and cats When I slipped on my shoes in front of at least 10 people. Cringe!
Jenna Hannah, Ellie, Lucia, Maddie and A.J. Horses And Summer Camp Secrets Bullies When I didn't know what to say on the phone to my boyfriend
Princess Lucy Hanging with cute guys, reading and sleeping Rude people, angry moms and bullies Caught in the toilet by a cool guy
Hira Robael Animals - mostly mammals, birds and fish. Oh, and books Haters When I cried in front of my class when the teacher reminded me of the cat I lost
Jacey Ellie, Lucia and Maddie Horses and Summer Camp Secrets Spiders!!!!! Don't have one