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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Cat Zara and Cez Acting - I'm Brynn all over! People teasing me for liking this guy - they all think I like when I hate him When I was dancing on stage in front of about 300 people and I fell over
Aimée Izzi Hanging out with all my besties, going to the beach, getting a tan, and all sports Chocolate, marshmallows When this really hot boy that I had a major crush on tried to talk to me and I went really red.
Rya Hansika My ipod and hanging out with my BFFs! Tomboys! When I me and my guy enemy had to apologize to each other in front of Mom
Jennifer Charlotte Shopping, realxing, getting manicures and pedicures, hanging out with friends and reading Summer Camp Secrets TESTS. Falling out with family and friends Getting kicked in the nose by a football in front of a boy I liked.
Ndanji Bwalya Make-overs, swimming Reptiles and creepy crawlies Wetting clothes with juice at school
Casey Caitlin I heart singing. Summer camp secrets books, basketball, swimming and dancing Messing up a song, sometimes keeping secrets, and people making my friends upset I was singing in the toilet at school (LOL) and I heard people laughing. They were laughing about me in the toilet,'cos they heard me singing. I was blushing the whole lesson after that, and I have never forgot it, or never will!
Catherine Elena Singing and playing dare or double dare People who pretend to be what they're not (hypocrites) Telling a friend I had a crush on a guy when he was right behind me
Ashley Saumya Friends, books and chocolates Smelly stuff and dustbins When I made a fool of myself in front of my enemy and crush
Jenny Saumya Friends, and nail polish Snakes, arguments and insects When I made a fool of myself in front of my crush
Aarya Aariya Computer Bullies When a guy threw a glass of water by mistake
Venus Naomi and Lizzie My favorite thing is doing makeovers, manicures and pedicures and making my own clothes Nothing Is when I went swimming and I twirled around and pulled someone down with me
Isadora Amelia Reading and playing with Amelia and my other BFFs! Bullies and spoilsports When I tripped over in the playground and fell flat on my face, and loads of other school kids saw me and burst out laughing once they realised I wasn`t hurt! Major blush!!!
Ashley Charlotte, Lottie, Izzy, Chloe Watching tv with my parents when we've ordered pizza, and 1direction, and reading summer camp secrets Bad hair days, spiders, snakes, when people are mean I was walking down the corridor with Chloe and I tripped and everyone started laughing at me - super cringe
Abbie Slessor Talking (even though I'm so quiet in class) 1d and school My jeans falling down on the monkey bars
Rhiannon Ashley and Jodie Listening to music with my friends Films, I can't stop talking all through them Peeing my pants in 3rd grade coz I put my hand up but no one asked me what's wrong :(
Caitlin Grace, Darcy, Brad, Nou... The list is endless Cupcakes, music, football and glossy mags Spiders, the dark, heights, mean people, bossy people and most of all I hate 1 direction!!! When I was wearing some overly big jeans and when I stood up they fell down and to make it worse my crush was there!
Lillie Elle, Katie, Abbie and Slessor One Direction and reading Slugs Going into the boys toilets at the cinema
Miranda Amanda and Shayde Figure skating, reading fashion magazines, and going to the creek. Submarines, ladybugs, and wasps. When I went to hug a guy I really like and tripped in to his arms! So embarrassing!
Sharon Azeezat, Zainab, Chinu Reading pop tiger magazines and Summer Camp Secrets, listening to music and watching action movies Shawarma Nothing
Maymuna Nabilah, Muskaan Reading books Big, crawly, creepy, ugly spiders When I didn't know the answer to a question and just let my mouth hang open