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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Sowmya Apara Dancing Getting dirty Being the center of attention
Sarah Malvika, Vanshika, Shweta, Vedika Books, music, movies and yummy food Creepy bugs When I accidentally called my teacher 'Mom' instead of 'Ma'am'!! Total cringe!!
Alex Callum, Dan and maybe Kirsty Football, video games, etc Pink Um, I don't know, when a teacher gets a girl line and a boy line and accidentally going in the wrong one!
Aspen Zara Drama Bullying When my crush pulled the chair from underneath me when I was going to sit down and I fell on my back
Hannan Izzatti and Asya My baby-g red watch and all my mini, cute purses Liars, bimbos, attention-seekers, people who badmouth others (all bad people) When I have to stand up after making a lot of noise in class... The most embarassing moment was when my brother who is in the same school walked past my class and saw me standing.
Vicki Demi Minions and madness People judging you by your looks Peed myself on my 8th bday
Joanne Yasmin Hanging out with my friends Bullies When I messed up my graduation speech
Kosha Smriti Dancing Economics! When accidentally a friend and I went in to the boys' room
Puvi Abirami One Direction and Kate Perry Reptiles! When a girl knew I had a crush on a boy and told him
Sereen Lily, Tess, Reema, Ellie and Tia Painting my nails, practising singing, dancing and learning lines in a play. I also love putting on make up and reading fashion mags I hate attention seekers and people who lie a lot. I also hate spiders, snakes and any insect that crawls and is furry, but I love pets! When I once droned on about a topic in class and in the end I was talking about the wrong thing! My face went so red I could literally feel it!
Tressa Jessica and Molly My spotty dress Snakes When I got told off in front of a cute boy
Lara Sky Hockey Stupid boys Don't have one!
Mariam Aishah, Aminah Make up, 1D, manicures, shopping, chocolate fudge frappuccinos spiders, LOTS AND LOTS OF SPIDERS! When every time this cute boy tries to talk to me and I get totally tongue-tied
Daniella Carolyn Summer Camp Secrets, One Direction boy band and Dork Diaries Cats When I had to sing in front of the whole school
Jenna Ellie, Lucia, Maddie, Hannah and A.J SUMMER CAMP SECRETS(duh!), horses, 1d, shopping, fashion, my bessies, hollister an my boyfriend A.J Spiders!! When I hiccuped really loudly in front of my boyfriend
Jenna Ellie, Lucia, Maddie and A.J SUMMER CAMP SECRETS(duh!), horses, 1d, shopping, fashion, my bessies, hollister an my boyfriend A.J Spiders!! When I hiccuped really loudly in front of my boyfriend
Louise Megan One Direction, hanging with my friends and reading Summer Camp Secrets books :) School, bullies and people pretending to like you Is when my crush was sitting on the bank at school and I went up to him to say hi, and he had a crush on me 'cause a little birdy told me and my friend told him I knew and that I that I liked him toooo
Isabella Alex Chocolate, reading and Roar by Katy Perry Spiders Spilling juice over my trousers, it made me look as if I had peed myself!
Luna Annabell and Jade Make up, clothes and fashion! Spiders! YUCK! I got my t-shirt stuck to me!
Felicity Belle, Becky, Amber, Payton, Alice and Lydia Watching a movie with my friends and painting my nails I admit, bees. A very stupid fear. Wetting myself in, like, Year 2