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// 06/09/18
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Your Fave Things

Here are some of your fave things. Sorry, we're no longer accepting submissions for this page.

Name Best friend forever Fave thing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Oishinee Kanza, Pahal, Naomi Shopping, pizza, mojitos Rude people When I called out an answer which was not asked!
Jessica Calleigh Dancing to music Onions When I told I had a crush
Hannah Laura Makeovers, gossip, boys and all my friends Spiders, bees, bugs and eating anything raw or with eyes Walking straight into a door.
Matilde Olivia Reading in a comfy spot Having to deal with a fight Getting a question wrong
Khushi Kareena, Jharna, Diviyangi, Roshni Having lots of FOOD... Lizards Mistakenly spelling something wrong
Carmaine Jaydie, Favor, Kaylee, Aben Dancing, singing, reading novels, watching tv, hanging out with my friends, chatting Gossips, annoying people, bullies, snakes When I fell on the stage in front of everybody
Rana Sophia and Louisa (twins!) Body boarding in the summer! Boys!(unless they're cute!) When my best friend accidently-on-purpose read my diary and found out who I had a crush on!
Sam Henrietta although middle school would separate us Swimming, reading, juicy gossip, makeup Bullies, people who don't think before they speak, getting moody, when people swear When I peed my pants at a party
Louisa Eva and Rose Reading the SCS books, anything to do with fashion Bullies, people who don't think before they speak, getting moody, when people swear When I repeated something my friend said and it came out the wrong way, so everybody thought I was weird
Hazel Iris, Shannon, Honey, Chloe BACON, APPLES, CHEESE!!!! And my books of course! Oh, don't forget CHICKEN NUGGETS! Definitely spiders, heights, people spray-painting on the walls and fast rides! I take it easy, but have the best time ever with my besties! When I lost a tooth (I had no idea) and there was blood trickling out of my mouth onto my jacket!
Neela Vani Reading Camp Confidential (like obviously, duh!) and - in general - singing, dancing, art, creative writing, playing, playing with electronics, shopping, and being crazy! Saying things more than once, getting scolded, bullies, gossipers, doing things which are too easy for me, and being forced to do something. Tripping on my skirt during a singing performance
Charlie Fraser Minecraft figures, duhh! Pink and Boys. Crying when I got asked on a date...
Rhea Joy, Heather, Zoe, Abby and Leah Reading Summer Camp Secrets, painting, juicy gossip, basically a mixture of what the clf are into! Blood and guts and intestines! Ughhh! And when I can't find Summer Camp Secrets books I haven't read! I was going swimming with my school and we were getting changed into our uniform (ughh! Btw my school's a girls only school) when a boy from another school ran in and of course I dropped my towel and I was completely naked
Lily Autumn Playing netball! Sport is my life! When you think someone is your friend but they are using you. I was singing my fave song, when this boy barged past me and I fell into a cute guy! Eeek!
Catalina Grace and Jessica! My kitten! She is so cute P.S. she had six babies. I have no idea what I would do without them! That bird that made a nest in our tree. It poops on our heads and makes a horrible noise! It was at our year four camp when I was changing into my pajama's everyone saw this baby pony tattoo for two year olds. It was so embarrassing!
Lexie Leo Gracie Playing Minecraft Brother When a boy talks to me
Venetia Islay, Holly and Sunny Shopping, sports, fashion mags, reading, nail polish When people argue, and show offs When I was singing really loudly and all of these people heard me
Leoza Shanaya Reading Summer Camp, chatting, playing games, making new friends Cockroaches, lizards When I got good grades in maths :P [Editor's note: Congratulations, that's awesome! Never be embarrassed about good grades, especially in maths :)]
Mia Ashleigh (no-one else) Having fun, relaxing and being fab Bullies When a rude girl found out I like someone
Emma Alice Hanging out with all my friends, nail polish Girly-girls, gossip, chicken noodles, backstabbers When I cried when my boyfriend (Jared) moved to Dorset and he's younger than me!