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// 06/09/18

Fave things!

We're the girls of Bunk 3C and these are our fave (and not so fave) things!?

Name Best friend forever Fave camp activity Fave way to chill out Fave item of clothing Pet hate Embarrassing moment
Tori Nat and Alyssa Singdown followed by s’mores. Yum! Giving out manicures, testing make-up samples and going to pilates with my mom when I’m at home. My baby blue tankini – v. LA! Spiders in the bathroom! Sneaking out to a party this cute boy invited me to…and then realizing my parents were there!
Abby Sarah Sports, especially softball. Giggling and goofing around with the Bunk 4C girls. My hot pink t-shirt. Spooky stories…they make my skin crawl! Crashing into this boy I liked during softball while trying to get a home run. Cringe!
Priya Jordan
(BBFF – best boy friend for ever)
Nature shack, but I love kickball too. Making up gross dares with Jordan. My t-shirt with frogs on it. Boring science projects. Peeing my pants during a game of hide-and-seek after Jordan dared me to chug 2 litres of lemonade. Eeew.
Natalie Alyssa and Tori Camp newspaper Frappuccinos, of course! And painting my nails and reading fashion mags. The new coat my mom got me in Paris Snakes Getting totally tongue-tied when this hot boy tried to talk to me
Jenna Grace Scavenger hunt The best way to let off steam is to play a really good prank – trust me! My new Hawaiian print tankini Diving (well, until I got over the fear!) Being too scared to dive into the lake at camp
Grace Jenna Camp play Swimming a few lengths in the lake My sparkly new hair clips Bullies When a girl from bunk 3A found out a secret about me and told all my friends
Alex Brynn Colour war Practising my soccer skills My comfiest football boots Yellow bug juice Messing up a soccer game so that we lost
Alyssa Natalie and Tori Arts & crafts Writing in my journal My old black paint-splattered T-shirt Rude people When I tried to dye my hair a cool red colour and ended up looking like Ronald McDonald
Chelsea Karen and Gaby The camp-wide social Shopping and listening to cheesy music My cute new drawstring capri pants Getting sunburned Turning up at school in the exact same outfit as another girl
Brynn Alex Drama Yoga My feathery black and silver fringed scarf Secrets Forgetting my lines in my first school play
Karen Chelsea Field trips Doing magazine quizzes with everyone before lights-out My old teddy-bear slippers Spiders Getting scared and screaming when the animals from the nature shack escaped at the camp dance
Sarah Valerie & Abby Sports Going for a really long run! My Boston Red Sox baseball cap Heights When a pitcher of soda got knocked over me at the camp reunion and soaked my outfit!
Jessie Candace Ceramics Reading by the lake My bright yellow shirt Bugs I’m kind of ditzy and forget things a lot, which is always embarrassing!
Valerie Sarah Woodwork Dancing, dancing, dancing! My denim cut-offs Missing my friends when they move away When my braids got caught in some branches on a scavenger hunt and everyone had to come rescue me
Candace Jessie Nature Playing card games My dark green party dress Cold showers Getting told off for repeating what everyone says – I don’t mean to, I just get excited!
Gaby Chelsea Taking a dip in the lake. Good healthy gossip My Juicy Couture hoodie Attention seekers Fibbing about that dork, Jake, on the TV show Survival Camp being my brother...and getting found out!