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// 06/09/18

Which Camp Lakeview girl are you most like?

Are you sophisticated Natalie - or crazy, funny Grace? Take the quiz to see which Camp Lakeview girl you are most like!


1. How would your mates describe you?

Fashionable and flirty
Clever and cool
Great fun – and just a little bit crazy!
Sensible and level-headed

2. Which of these would be your fave read?

Cosmo Girl
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Bumper Jokebook for Girls
The Power of Positive Thinking

3. Your friends come to you for advice on:

How to talk to boys
Life in general!
How to cheer up a friend
How to kick ass in their next sports game

4. For your dream holiday, you would go to:

Paris – for the style, romance and continental coffee
Rome – for the museums, art galleries and ice cream
Florida – for the theme parks, sunshine and non-stop entertainment
The Olympic Games – to soak up the amazing atmosphere and see the pros in action

5. You are an all-round expert in:

The latest celebrity gossip and giving makeovers
Bands and artists that no one else has heard of yet
Making people laugh to forget their problems
Getting people to work together with team tactics

6. Your first reaction on arriving at summer camp would be:

Eek! Where am I going to plug my hair straighteners in?
Everything’s so manic – I hope we get some time to chill out.
Cool! Loads of new people to make friends with!
Can’t wait to take part in all those games and tournaments!