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// 06/09/18

What sort of friend are you?

Are you a perfect pal? Try this quiz and find out - then email your results to your best friend and see if she agrees!


1. Your mate’s got her eye on a cute guy, but you like him too. What do you do?

Go and find out more about him to tell your friend – the inside info will help her make a good impression.
Take a deep breath and a step back and let her do her thing. After all, she saw him first.
March over there, pronto, and start batting your eyelashes.

2. A girl you know is throwing a party, but your friend’s not invited. Do you:

Not go to the party. It wouldn’t be the same without your friend there.
Come clean – it’s just one party and your friend will understand.
Keep it a secret from your friend – she’d only be hurt.

3. You’ve not seen your friends for ages and you’ve finally managed to get them all together for one night only.
What do you do?

Spend the evening catching up at home, with an endless supply of drinks, munchies, and good old gossip.
Get down the bowling alley – it’s always a giggle and there might be some cute boys there.
Persuade them all to go and see the latest Hollywood blockbuster – you’ve been dying to see it for ages.

4. You and your friend both auditioned for the school play, but your friend got the lead role. How do you react?

You congratulate her, of course! She’s perfect for the part and you’re so excited for her.
You swallow your disappointment and try to focus on how much fun it will be rehearsing together – at least you both got a part.
You can’t help sulking. You’ll get over it…eventually.

5. Your friend is feeling down but won’t tell you why. What do you do?

Give her a big hug and let her know you’ll be there for her if she wants to talk.
Keep asking her what’s wrong – otherwise, how can you help?
Talk about your own problems – maybe it will take her mind off things.

6. Your friend is really struggling with her homework. How do you help?

Take time to go through it with her and explain as much as you can.
Suggest that she talks to the teacher, ’cos you’re really not sure that you get it yourself.
Give her your answers to copy – the quicker she’s done, the sooner you can do something fun together.