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// 06/09/18

Do you know the new Summer Camp Secrets?

Catch up with the girls in the next six Summer Camp Secrets... then take the test to see if you’re a true Lakeview camper!


1. What's the last event in the Old Tyme Blue Ribbon Competition?

Three-legged race
Balloon toss
Wheelbarrow race

2. What is the "real" Cropsy's name?

Jamieson Cropwell
Elias Croppersly
Cropsy the crazed killer

3. What is Grace's favourite song in Guys and Dolls?

Luck Be A Lady
If I were a Bell
Adelaide's Lament

4. What colour are heartthrob Logan's eyes?

intense blue

5.What grade did Candace get in maths last year?


6. What does Tori wear to the Oscars?

A long ruby-red evening gown – glamtastic!
An emerald green flapper dress – very fashion-forward.
A chic little black dress – sooo Hollywood.