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Politics for beginners

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About this book

Politics and business
Politics for beginners

An informative guide to political systems, elections, voting and government and issues including feminism, human rights, freedom of speech and fake news, all explained with clear text and bright, infographic style illustrations. Includes tips on how to argue and debate, a glossary, and links to specially selected websites with more information.

“This entertaining book does an admirable job of explaining politics... An excellent trigger for debate.”
The Sunday Times (Children's Book of the Week)
“Clearly explains the basic principles of decision-making and political representation.”
Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

Press Reviews

this is a simple and intelligent introduction to the murky world of political ideas.
The Telegraph’s “Books to Broaden Your Horizons” feature
Politics can be confusing – but this brilliant book makes even complex concepts and issues easy to understand.
The Week Junior, Book of the Week
This entertaining book does an admirable job of explaining politics to the young, clarifying structures, principles and issues, showing different views of controversial subjects, and enlivening the coloured pages with cartoons without diluting its substance.

Relating policies to everyday experiences, it encourages engagement, and is inclusive in both its images and its attitudes. Informed by experts, it embraces the history of political systems (including ancient democracies, feudalism and absolute monarchies), and is an excellent trigger for debate.

It also has a section on “how to argue”, which would make Twitter a much better place if everyone paid attention, including “don’t be personal”, “back up your opinions with facts” and “be prepared to change your mind”.

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times (Children's Book of the Week)

So many young people are getting interested and involved in politics and this accessibly illustrated book helps children as young as 9 understand more about this complex world.
The Book People
The colourful and appealing style of this brilliant book explains and covers key topics such as different types of government and ideologies, human rights and freedom of speech.
South Wales Evening Post
A brilliant resource for all ages, this book explores the big issues in both the political world today & political systems throughout history.
Just Imagine
Essential reading for children aged nine and above and would be particularly useful for any parent, teacher, librarian etc. who has ever been asked about those sensitive issues that they may find difficult to discuss with those ever-curious youngsters.
An exciting and informative book helping children understand everyday politics.
Hive, selected as Children's Book of the Month
Politics for Beginners is ideal for both children and adults, and is guaranteed to win the vote of anyone looking for a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand guide to what politics is all about.

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post
Highly informative and very accessible.
Parents in Touch
The perfect title for young inquisitive minds.
it is also by reading the likes of Politics for Beginners that children from national school level upwards can begin to gain insights into the nature of how and by whom societies are governed.
Pet O'Connell, Evening Echo

Reader Reviews

Book review for Politics for Beginners
If you want to find out about the fundamentals of politics, then this is the book for you. It gives you a basic outline of how decisions are made and who has power in the UK and across the globe. Chapters explore different subjects such as what democracy is, elections and voting, political change and much more. Despite the fact I loved them all, one of my favourites was ‘Is there such thing as human rights’ since it tells you how human rights started. I found this fascinating because it made me question whether all humans are treated equally, given there is so much war, famine and poverty in this world. After reading this book, I realised how important democracy and politics are and without it the world would be in chaos. I particularly related to the piece on Nationalism as I am half Irish and half Greek but hold a British passport. So I feel proud to have all three nationalities. I recommend this book for children aged 10 and over and I think it is a really excellent introduction into Politics.

Rosie Iordanou (aged 11), 30th April 2018
Politics for Beginners
An engaging, entertaining, no-nonsense guide to politics for children and adults alike.

Picture Books Blogger, 18th April 2018
Politics for Beginners
The sort of book I wish I had growing up.

Stressy Mummy, Blogger, 18th April 2018
Politics for Beginners
I studied politics at A-level and have loved the subject since I was little so this book is something I wish I’d had back when I first got into current affairs and politics!

Matildas Magical Library, Instagram, 18th April 2018
Politics for Beginners
a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the political system.

Kitty Kendall, Instagram, 18th April 2018
Politics for Beginners
Easy to understand guide to politics for adults and children.

Drawing on Books, Instagram, 18th April 2018
Politics for Beginners
In today’s world of fake news and increased complexity of issues, it’s good to feel that children have a grasp of the basics - and so much is covered here from the basis of democracy, human rights, voting and elections, to the right to protest, capitalism and war.

Once Upon a Book, Instagram, 18th April 2018
Hard facts, with a light touch
Politics for beginners is great fun, but weighty too! Well researched, engagingly written... and we love its cartoony illustrations. The text never gets bogged down by even the trickiest of explanations, and yet never feels glib or frothy. This is the kind of book that would be accessible to a 10 year old, and yet would be useful and engaging to anyone wishing to gain an introduction to the central principles of politics. I've just given a copy to my 17 year old, who's thinking of going to uni to study history and politics. He particularly likes the section entitled "How to argue"!

Alastair, 28th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
It is easy to look through and very appealing to the eye. I learnt about different terminology and political techniques.

AJH, Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
Madeleine received this book and set about reading it straight away, it made her feel very grown up as she felt it was a grown up topic. She particularly enjoyed the more history of politics books and she enjoyed looking at the illustrations.

Mads1811, Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
Before I started reading this book I wasn't too sure about it, because I don't really know anything about politics. As I started reading I was amazed at how interesting it is and I really like it. [...] This book tells you what a democracy is and how it works, who is in charge of the country, what politics are, and what a government is. I didn't know about any of these things, but now I do!

Calvin (age 12), Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
This is a great introduction to politics for children. I read this with my 7 year old and she was happy just dipping in and out of different chapters. As she gets older I am sure it will be a great springboard for her/us to do further/deeper research.

ThursdayNext, Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
This book is brilliant, really helpful with History and Citizenship at school. Its really easy to read and I have learnt lots of new information. This is one I will keep going back to.

Lydib (age 11), Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
Who says Politics is boring! What a great book, easy to read through. Its layout makes it appealing to children and its explanations are clear and interesting. I read it with my daughter (8) and learnt things myself!

Elsie, Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
Really interesting book that gives a good understanding of politics including the history of different political ideas.

Evemot, Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018
Politics for Beginners
Fantastic Book! I really enjoyed reading this book, for it explained politics in a simple, easy to understand, fun way. I especially liked the pages with all the arrows where it told you if you were socialist or capitalist etc. [...] I definitely recommend to any History student, old or young, as well as anybody interested in Politics or how the world works.

Chloester, Toppsta Reader Review, 15th February 2018

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