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Edwardian fashion

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Edwardian life

The early 1900s in the United Kingdom is known as the Edwardian period, and is named after the British king, Edward VII, who ruled from 1901 to 1910.

Edwardian fashion


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About this book

Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing
Edwardian fashion

  • Discover the elegant fashions people wore a hundred years ago in this beautiful sticker book with over 160 stickers of exquisite clothing and accessories.
  • From blazers and straw boaters for an afternoon by the river, to luxurious Art Nouveau gowns at a sophisticated arts evening.
  • Features extra information about life and fashion in Edwardian times, including contemporary advertisements and full-colour photographs.
  • Includes a ‘fashion design’ section with blank clothes to decorate and internet links to find out more.
“Really just as much fun for big kids as small ones.”
Penny Dreadful Vintage blog

Press Reviews

Much more than just a sticker book - enjoy putting the stickers in place and afterwards you will have an excellent reference guide to Edwardian fashion and culture.
Parents in Touch
There is a lot of historical information included in the book as well as some beautiful illustrations. It is a really fun way to learn about the Edwardian age.
With Downton Abbey popularising fashion from this era again, this is a great book for primary school children, as well as fun for younger children (and their parents!).
Book a Poet
The colourful illustrations perfectly capture the elegant style of the period and make it interesting and accessible to children... Incorporating a hands-on approach using stickers and a section to decorate your own clothes is a great way to invite children to learn whilst they play.

Librarian Girl blog

Reader Reviews

Edwardian extravaganza
Beautifully printed and detailed, full of interesting info and looks good enough to make into a display when finished.

Jan Thomas, 13th January 2014

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