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Easy German

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About this book

Easy languages
Easy German

  • A fast-track guide to learning German with clear, simple explanations for beginners or anyone wanting to improve their German.
  • Includes a simple, comic book story to show how the language works in everyday situations.
  • Links to useful websites and free downloadable German picture puzzles via the Usborne Quicklinks Website.

Reader Reviews

easy German
I bought this book as i was finding understanding certain grammar points and sentence structure difficult to understand. Most of the books I bought over complicated explaining how these things worked but this was a breath of fresh air. Simple and clear, making understanding much easier. I would recommend this book to every person wanting to learn German. A great book!!!!!

Brian McGaulley, 26th July 2009
Easy German
Think this book is excellent. To create a story around points of grammar is ideal. The section on adjectives on page 96 is very useful. Overall a great book for beginners and a great book as a refresher.

Loma Henry, 20th February 2009

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