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The story of science

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About this book

The story of...
The story of science

  • A narrative introduction to the brilliant brains and eureka moments behind the greatest scientific discoveries in history.
  • Full of fascinating scientific facts about black holes, microscopic creatures, the truth about heat and light, what plants eat, DNA, diseases, dinosaurs, atoms, asteroids, X-rays and more!
  • Diagrams, timelines and colourful illustrations help explain complex ideas and there is a contents list and index, making this a useful reference book for home, school or library.
  • With Usborne Quicklinks to carefully selected websites where readers can find out more about famous scientists, what it's like to be a scientist today, and activities and experiments to try at home.
“A must read for science fans: challenging, fun & informative.”
Dr. Gemma Balmer

Press Reviews

Tinged with humour, and crazy anecdotes, this is nevertheless a fact-filled book chock full of detail and will undoubtedly give your child plenty to investigate and enjoy.
Read it Daddy
All the great moments in science history can be found in this book, presented in a lively way that will encourage children to read and remember... An excellent way to introduce scientific discovery and to encourage children to find out more.
Parents in Touch
A brilliantly educational book that provides a great way of getting children engaged in the concept and history of science from an early age.
A must for curious minds and a wonderful book that puts the 'fun' in fundamental.
There’s a huge amount of information in this slim volume... presented in a way that is sure to appeal to inquisitive young people... this is a book that will inspire as well as inform.
The story of science begins in ancient Egyptian times and continues until the present day. I liked it a lot, especially because of the entertaining descriptions and the funny but helpful pictures alongside them.
Noah (age 10), The Biologist
The essential guidebook for any science enthusiast, leading you through the wonderful world of science. The book contains a wealth of information detailing the most important moments in science: the discovery that the earth is round, Newton’s law of gravity, Darwin’s theory of evolution, Watson & Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA, vaccinations, antibiotics and a whole host of other fascinating scientific discoveries. Throughout the journey the book explains how science has changed over time, taking us back to the ancient Egyptians and moving through to current state-of-the-art techniques employed by scientists today. A must read for science fans: challenging, fun & informative.
Dr. Gemma Balmer

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