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Illustrated dictionary of science

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About this book

Illustrated dictionaries and thesauruses
Illustrated dictionary of science

  • An essential and great value home or school reference book for SAT and GCSE students.
  • Organised in three sections, each covering the key aspects of the curriculum for physics, biology and chemistry, and including charts, tables and lists of important information.
  • Key concepts and basic ideas are clearly explained with simple text and colourful pictures and diagrams.
  • Includes internet links to educational websites for further learning.

This book contains the following Usborne titles: Illustrated dictionary of biology, Illustrated dictionary of physics and Illustrated dictionary of chemistry.

“A sumptuous reference companion”
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Jane Chisholm

Jane Chisholm

Jane has worked at Usborne Publishing for over 35 years, joining the publisher in Covent Garden – before the tourists came – where their offices looked onto the grand dining rooms of the Garrick Club. She grew up in the middle of a forest in Sussex, where she and her siblings spent their childhood building tree houses and pretending to be the Famous Five, and in cities all over the world from Berlin to Moscow to Singapore. Before university, she spent a year in southern Africa, mostly in Botswana, assisting the social worker in a small town and camping out in the Kalahari Desert.
A graduate in history, as Editorial Director at Usborne, she oversees a large team working on children’s books about absolutely everything.

Press Reviews

A sumptuous reference companion - not arranged alphabetically - 'for students of physics, chemistry and biology', the secondary pupils presumably. The language is academic and concise-technical; no frills or anecdotes.
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Reader Reviews

I am 9 years old and I read this book it was amazing but you should probably get it at 13because it was very challenging at first

Vj, 12th October 2019
Un-put-downable. An incredible compilation
I never write reviews, but you compelled me to do so! I am a 37 year old father of 2 and I bought this book for... myself! I came across it in the bookstore and was instantly hooked. The simple but carefully worded explanations, beautiful illustrations and relevant examples all come together to form an incredible resource. Not to mention the breadth of topics covered and the intelligent categorization of topics. I wished I had something like this during my school days. If you're someone who is thinking that this is all available online for free, please take the time and read through this book. You will immediately see value. My thanks and congratulations to the authors, illustrators and everyone who put this book together. Regards from Mumbai, India!

Fareed Siddiqui, 11th August 2019
Not just for children
I am 69 years old and find the "Illustrated dictionary of science" helps me to understand science. Buy it for your grandchildren and then read it for yourself!

Michael, 14th November 2018
I am 13 years old and I purchased this book a few weeks ago. I now am ahead in class and got an 8b on our last test! I'll definitely get an A in science at this rate!

Rhys, 6th February 2013
Illustrated Dictionary of SCIENCE
This is a very good book, which I can definitely recommend to my friends. I am 13, and seeing my Science grades were a little low, I bought this book. Now I'll get an A in Science! It's really helpful, and the most interesting textbook I've ever read. Usborne makes it fun to learn with how the information and pictures are laid out. It was so much fun to learn with this book.

Courtney Hunter, 28th December 2010
Usborne Review on the selected book
This is a very good and exellent book because of its illustrated items (pics) and descriptions are enjoyable to read and read and read. I'm 13 years old and I love reading and learning through this book, now I'm reading it a second time so I'll get A* on Science GCSE.

Michael Antys, 9th October 2010

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