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The First World War

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About this book

The story of...
The First World War

  • A fascinating account of one the most destructive conflicts the world has ever known, published in association with Imperial War Museums.
  • Looks at the causes of the war, its great battles and catastrophes, as well as how the war affected nations and people all over the world.
  • Pages are brought to life through vivid illustrations and original photographs, as well as timelines, maps and fact boxes.
  • Includes Usborne Quicklinks to recommended websites to find out more, as well as a timeline and glossary.
“A very well designed and organised overview of the war”
Judge's comment - School Library Association Information Book Award

Press Reviews

A thought-provoking [book that] will underpin discussion.
The Cork Evening Echo
Includes a wealth of information in an easily accessible form and looks at the causes of the war and describes vividly what it was like to fight in it.
Guardian Children's Books
World history is broken down into manageable chunks and presented in an accessible, narrative format.
Bookseller Children's Buyers Guide
An accessible and well-presented overview of the Great War. Paul Dowswell pitches the text just right for 9-12 year olds and there is a wide range of colourful illustrations including contemporary art, photographs, posters and maps. This is an excellent book for both home and school – ideal for dipping into or for research.
The Federation of Children's Book Groups

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