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First thousand words in English

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About this book

First thousand words
First thousand words in English

  • An exciting picture word book for beginner readers and English language learners, full of busy, colourful scenes with lots to spot and talk about.
  • Featuring much-loved illustrations by Stephen Cartwright and the iconic Little Yellow Duck to spot on every double page.
  • A special edition of this classic word book, revised and updated for the 40th anniversary of Usborne Publishing in 2013.
  • Three generations of children have built their basic vocabulary with this entertaining and fun book.
  • With internet links to listen to all the words at the Usborne Quicklinks Website.

Heather Amery

Heather Amery was born and brought up in Bath, Somerset. Heather has written over a hundred books for children, including alphabet books, science and history books, craft books, classical fairy tales, a series for beginner readers called Farmyard Tales, Bible stories, and Greek Myths. She has also compiled word books, song books, and books of poetry.

Reader Reviews

First Thousand Words English & Spanish
Kids LOVE to find the little rubber Duckie that shows up on EVERY page in random places!

Carlos, 25th April 2020
First Thousand words in English
I ordered the first book for my Spanish neighbours 8 yr old girl who along with her parents thought it was so good to use alongside the English she is being taught at school. Consequently have ordered the second book for 10 yr old girl who again is using it to help with her English lessons at school. Both sets of parents are so pleased with the layout, the content and the ease with which their children can associate the pictures with the words in English. Needless to say, I have The First Thousand Words in Spanish to help me learn the language.

Michael Cook, 7th July 2010
First thousand words in English
Wonderful - even for children for whom English is a first language. It will expand their vocabulary in a fun and easy way without them even realising it. The pictures are so fascinating that you can look at them time and time again and always spot something new. My daughter loves hunting in the picture for the objects shown around the page, e.g. the ball or the cat. She also sometimes just sits quietly and points at objects she knows and then tries to say the word. Great for a 5 minute quiet time cuddle.

Rachel, London, 6th May 2010

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