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Slot-together theatre

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To listen to the music for "The Nutcracker" or "A Midsummer Night's Dream", click on the arrow buttons, or to download the music to your computer, click on the zip files.

The Nutcracker

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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About this book

Slot-together models
Slot-together theatre

Press out the pieces and slot them together to create a stunning model theatre. Includes scenery and characters for performances of The Nutcracker and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a QR link to download specially recorded music. There’s also a book with instructions for building the theatre, and stage directions for the shows.

“Brilliant and beautifully constructed.”
“Another Usborne innovative triumph.”
Lancashire Evening Post

Press Reviews

A brilliant and beautifully constructed kit to build your own theatre and put on plays.
Ideal for sharing backstage fun with friends, entertaining mums and dads, impressing visitors or simply producing solo performances, this is a magical gift for all budding impresarios!
Lancashire Evening Post
Perfect for budding thespians and dancers to put on some great entertainment for the family.
South Wales Evening Post

Reader Reviews

My 9 year old daughter has loved playing with this and presenting shows! When can we have additional story packs so she can present more plays?

Elizabeth, 21st January 2017

Our 7 year-old girl is fascinated by this. It has given hours of fun. She ploughs through the book reading the lines and following the stage-directions using the App and its musical links. The theatre is easy to put together and surprising sturdy. Beautiful to look at. A lovely product: well thought-out and thoroughly engaging. I suppose it helps that she does ballet and has seen the nutcracker, but this is an excellent present! Very 'girly' but great fun. Congrats on a great product.

Matthew Harrison, 18th January 2017
Slot-together theatre
My 9 year old daughter received this for Christmas and absolutely loves it! It has been transported to various family members' houses so that she can perform for them. The link to the music is a great addition. She allows her 5 yr old brother to help - by way of scene changes - and he really enjoys this. A really great toy which develops a range of skills. It would be lovely to see 'add-on' packages available to buy which provide the scenery and characters for further plays.

Sonja, 30th December 2016

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