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Lift-the-flap periodic table

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The Periodic Table and elements

Some periodic tables may show elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 with their temporary working names and chemical symbols. The official names and chemical symbols were agreed in 2016.

Fascinating facts about elements

Games, quizzes and experiments

Periodic Table scientists

The scientists in these links were so important, they had elements named after them.


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About this book

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Lift-the-flap periodic table

Everything in the Universe is made up of just 118 chemical elements, all of which are listed in the Periodic Table. Lift the flaps in this informative book and discover which elements are crucial to life, which are smelly, explosive or radioactive and lots more. An essential introduction to the building blocks of chemistry, with over 125 flaps.

Alice James

Alice James

Alice James joined Usborne in 2015, after several years of working in primary schools. She absolutely loves science, and over the years has lived with chimps, spent a month in the rainforest, studied Biology at Oxford University, and grown 200 carnivorous plants (not necessarily in that order). Whilst at Usborne Alice has worked on books on all kinds of science topics, from space to energy to the periodic table.

Reader Reviews

Wonderful book!
My 5-year-old daughter LOVES this book. It's just the right mixture of personality-filled cartoon characters and concrete physical facts to capture her interest. She asks for it for her bedtime reading most days and has had us "sing" the periodic table to her so many times that she now knows it by heart up to lanthanum. She peppers us with questions about what things are made of and why they have the properties they have. This book has opened up a world of fun science conversations for our family. Thank you to the creators for the wonderful book!

E, 30th August 2019
Great book
My 5 year old son loves this book, we have both learned so much. Wish I had been given this book when I started learning chemistry at secondary school so much easier to understand than a regular chemistry textbook.

Phil, 27th April 2019

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