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100 things to know about space

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About this book

100 things to know
100 things to know about space

A fun and informative book packed with 100 fascinating things to know about space, from how to escape a black hole to why astronauts learn wilderness survival skills. With bright, infographic-style illustrations, detailed facts on every page, a glossary and index, and internet links to specially selected websites for more information. Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2017.

“Any aspiring astronauts could definitely benefit from having this in their collection.”
How It Works magazine

Press Reviews

Ostensibly aimed at children by way of its bright and colourful style, in truth there’s a lot here for adults who haven’t retained everything they learned at school... Any aspiring astronauts could definitely benefit from having this in their collection.
How It Works magazine
I was surprised to learn so much from this book. What I really like about it is that it’s full of unexpected things, it doesn’t shy away from discussing even some of the big questions that we don’t know the answers to just yet. I love that it talks about how astronomers figure things out. For example, how do we know what the sun is made out of in the inside? – we can’t go there and dig a hole, we have to use all sorts of other clever methods. Science is not just facts, it’s a process, and this book addresses all of that in a very engaging way.
Royal Society Young People's Book Prize judges
This would also be an excellent start for children learning how to do research in preparation for secondary school. This book would be suitable for anyone who has an interest in all things space.
The School Librarian
Imagine a bunch of adults huddled around a book for children about space, excitedly pointing at graphics, gasping at facts they didn’t know and enthusiastically telling everybody in earshot – well that’s what happened when 100 Things To Know About Space arrived at the Edinburgh International Science Festival office! A book to pick up time and time again, and each time you’ll find out something new.
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Packed with brilliant infographics and illustrations - simultaneously brilliantly engaging for kids but not dumbed down in any way at all. Usborne are leading the way with some truly awesome space titles, and this latest addition to the range really is going to keep your little space cadets very happy indeed.
Read it Daddy
My son read most of the book himself and loved it... I think this book will last him a long time as there are some easy facts to remember and some more complex ideas to grasp. A really fun and educational book which would cover a range of age groups.
Toppsta reviewer
Fun, and will no doubt help inquisitive children learn a bit more about the 'world' of space.
BBC Sky at Night magazine
When I asked my son what he thought of this book, his response was "It is REALLY good!". Which pretty much also sums up mine and his father’s response too! ... A very fun and exciting book that is easy to dip in and out off. Amazing and highly recommended.
Toppsta reviewer
My 9 year old son loved this book as he'd been learning about space at school, but there were lots of interesting facts that he didn't know and pictures to go with them.
Toppsta reviewer
This beautifully illustrated book tells you the most strange and interesting facts... loads of things a budding scientist might want to know.
Phoenix magazine

Reader Reviews

Thumbs up
Amazing Book. Really helped with my science project.

Bob Robert, 20th May 2019
I love my Space Book !
This books helps children love space. It teaches plenty of things.

Kamaldine, 12th January 2019
This book is fantastic, highly highly recommend
My 5 year old son had been totally captivated by this book, we used to dip into it, but then we started back at the beginning and worked through it methodically from the beginning as his bedtime story each night. We both leant so many fascinating facts. Such as the fact that moon dust is really sharp and would make holes in the astronaus' suits - there is no wind or waves to smooth the edges, so it's not like our sand, it's like tiny little flint chips from the impacts of meteors. Or the 3 things that will kill you in spacw.. Or all the things left on the moon by the moon landings... I came to this website to find out if there were other books in the series, and will be getting all the ones available!

Briony, 20th April 2017

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