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Jane Eyre

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About this book

Classics retold
Jane Eyre

  • A faithful retelling of Charlotte Brontë's classic story of the love between the governess Jane Eyre and her master Mr Rochester, and the chilling secret set to tear them both apart.
  • Clearly written in a modern, approachable style to introduce young readers to much-loved classic stories.
  • Includes informative notes on both the author and the original text.
  • Ideal for encouraging young readers to pursue an interest in literature.

Press Reviews

This is a brilliant book and I would recommend it to boys and girls aged nine to fourteen years old.
The Evening Chronicle (Newcastle and Regionwide)

Reader Reviews

Amazing book
I'm 12 and I don't like reading classics but this book was different I LOVED IT! This book was so awesome it had love, betrayal and a really good author! All you Mom's out there whose kids say "Classics are to hard to understand" or "I don't have time to read a huge book like that!" then put this on their lap and tell them that you want them to read it they will because once you start reading this book you won't be able to stop.

Cathy, 23rd November 2010
Jane Eyre
A thrilling retelling that I'd consider one of the best novellas or novels I've ever read. It enlightened me about the real meaning of true love through the spark between Rochester and Jane besides other interesting anecdotes which enriched the story line, that I enjoyed very much. In fact, I've made Jane Eyre my spiritual role model.

Annika Jane Emerson, 4th February 2010
Jane Eyre
A really wonderful retelling that truly captures the awfulness of Lowood and Jane's aunt and cousins, her struggle for acceptance in a brutal world, and most importantly, the romantic spark between Rochester and Jane. Ten out of ten.

Molly Yarde, 31st July 2009
Jane Eyre
Introducing my 11 year old daughter to the beauty of the written classic was not easy. So a big thank you to Usborne for their translation of Jane Eyre. It has been wonderfully adapted without loosing the essence that makes Charlotte Bronte's stories so memorable. Is it a first that an 11 year old now looks forward to reading Wuthering Heights?

Claudia Roberts, 16th October 2008
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre was a mind gripping story with romance, sadness and spookiness. It was beautifully retold but not in a way to spoil it. I loved the adjectives like grimace and anticipation. I read this book in two days and I could not put it down. My heart thumped on spooky parts and you would never have guessed the secrets of the book until the very end. If I had to rate the story I would give it ten out of ten for it was one of the best books I've read.

Francesca Bloor, 23rd March 2008

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